Traducción de conversation en español:


conversación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑnvərˈseɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɒnvəˈseɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (spoken communication)
    conversación femenino
    the art of conversation el arte de la conversación
    • I got into conversation with a stranger entablé conversación con un desconocido
    • they were deep in conversation estaban en plena conversación
    • to engage sb in conversation entablar / trabar conversación con algn
    • we made polite conversation until the cab arrived estuvimos conversando amablemente hasta que llegó el taxi
    • she has no conversation no tiene conversación
    • conversation class clase de conversación
    • In conversation we discuss the power of music to get us through those dark nights of the soul.
    • We tried to talk to him a few times, but he was not interested in conversation.
    • Marriage came up in conversation as I asked him if he would consider getting married.
    • Aim to terminate the conversation before anything of any substance is discussed.
    • For some minutes there had been efforts to end the conversation coming from the wings.
    • The dining room was carpeted, and there was a quiet buzz of conversation from the other guests.
    • Far from providing a little less conversation, the theft has become a talking piece in the pub.
    • The smoking ban has even fashioned the return of courtship through conversation.
    • The grown-ups go quiet, look at me briefly, and then return to their grown up conversation.
    • The tables are placed very close together so intimate conversation is difficult.
    • After a long leisurely lunch and engaging conversation we made our excuses and departed.
    • Face to face conversation, talking in the street, does seem to me to be declining.
    • In many ways, this being on the same wavelength makes for easy and fluent conversation.
    • After a minute of conversation she tires of haggling over a price and refuses his advances.
    • I was talking to a Canadian guy last week and one of the topics of conversation was language.
    • It's been a good weekend, both of us catching up on sleep and rest and conversation.
    • I am simply not used to being required to carry out conversation at all hours of the day.
    • These features can be regarded as tools that can be applied to sequences of conversation.
    • Whether or not it's going to snow tomorrow is the only topic of conversation today.
    • The music plays at a perfect level, audible but not too loud as to drown out conversation.
  • 2

    conversación femenino
    to have a conversation (about sth) hablar de / conversar sobre algo
    • we were having a conversation about you estábamos hablando de ti
    • we've had this conversation before ya hemos hablado de esto antes
    • his remark was a real conversation stopper su comentario los (or nos etc.) dejó a todos callados