Translation of conversion in Spanish:


conversión, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈvərʒən/ /kənˈvəːʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(transformation)

      conversión feminine
      transformación feminine
      conversion into/to sth conversión / transformación en algo

      • what's the formula for the conversion of miles into kilometers?
      • The expenditure during the quarter ended June 2002 includes costs incurred towards the process of conversion of the company into a commercial bank.
      • The exhibits explaining the process of bio energy conversion with sewage water would have been music to the ears of die-hard environmentalists.
      • The characteristics of the transformed films and of the process by which conversion occurs challenge current models of the stable surfactant film.
      • To call historical films dishonest or inaccurate, as some historians have done, is to misunderstand the process of conversion of academic history into popular history by forming and employing myth.
      • The farm is in the process of organic conversion, and Roger is growing spelt (300 tonnes this year), a nutty and nutritious grain that is a lot easier to digest than wheat.
      • The company was experiencing several challenges related to their data analysis, conversion and storage processes.
      • After ingestion, the process of conversion of folic acid to the metabolically active coenzyme forms is relatively complex.
      • In the end, true conversion is an ongoing process, and above all a challenge to ourselves as much as it is to those around us.
      • These structures can be more fully exploited in the process of digital conversion of the material.
      • Workers were set to resume the final steps of conversion, a process that precedes enrichment.
      • One farm is about to achieve organic status and another is in the process of conversion.
      • Lasers are able to produce a range of biological responses in tissue determined by the various processes of energy conversion within biomolecules.
      • Any process of conversion must be essentially artificial.
      • Let's assume that our team has the responsibility to build out a Web service supporting currency conversion.
      • It also has the weighty responsibility of inhibiting the conversion of body fat back into glucose for the body to burn (a hangover from our feast-or-famine cave days).
      • Consider conversion of existing support units based on availability of contract support in wartime.
      • Within the inalienability of entailed real property was concealed the conversion of Parliamentary seats into a cash value.
      • How do I know my system works properly after conversion?
      • But to do the conversion properly people need to know €1 equals £0.787564.
      • Shortly thereafter, the government proposed conversion from a monarchy to a republic with an elected president replacing the British monarch as chief of state.

    • 1.2(change, switch)

      conversión feminine
      conversion from sth to sth conversión de algo a algo

    • 1.3Religion

      conversión feminine
      • The most fundamental religious experience of Newman's life was his adolescent conversion to evangelical religion.
      • A conversion from one religion to another may also help one overcome ambivalence; the imagery used for God may differ from that used in childhood.
      • Unlike Buddhism, Jainism did not advocate conversion to its religion and it did not spread outside the country.
      • Recent years have seen the mass conversion to religion of hitherto agnostic parents.
      • He requested them to investigate the case maintaining that religious conversion was a matter of grave concern which had earlier led to conflicts among other communities.
      • These tensions over religious liberty come to a head over two types of religious action: conversion and proselytizing.
      • In recent years in the United States and other countries around the world, we are hearing from a new set of commentators about the legacy of the 1970s conversions to new religions.
      • In most observed cases religious conversion did not give rise to a particular ‘capitalist spirit’ or economic success.
      • They refuse to believe in a religion that allows for adaptation and change, and correspondingly can only see outsiders as people in need of conversion to their belief system.
      • They were not as amenable to conversion to the official religions of the Roman Empire as the other pagan peoples the Roman has conquered.
      • The texts of these religions give conversion theological significance.
      • In the eighteenth century the goal of mission was seen primarily as conversion from idolatry and religious perversion.
      • The sanction, moreover, would only be applied in cases of formal conversion to another religion.
      • Adolescence and young adulthood is also the life stage when religious conversion is most likely to take place.
      • James is speaking of those who are for one reason or another incapable of religious conversion.
      • For now, I wish to move on to the changes this religious conversion made in my life and to me as a person.
      • We discuss the role of caste in the process of conversion.
      • Its spread, from about 700 AD, was mainly a peaceful process of gradual conversion.
      • As the Marxist creed dissolved, the other two religions have embarked on a process of mass conversion sending missionaries out to the four corners of the globe.
      • A look at the history of conversions in India will make it clear whether conversion is an active or passive process.
      • The literary masterpiece Barrow draws on to illumine the path of conversion and repentance is Dante's Purgatorio.
      • Saturday morning I lectured for another three hours on conversion and repentance.
      • The monastery, that is to say, is a place of continual repentance, of constantly renewed conversion.
      • Only in and through the process of conversion and practical change do we have access to the God of Jesus Christ.
      • Paul's conversion was a life-long process that consisted of any number of revelations and encounters with the living Spirit of the Risen Christ.

  • 2

    apropiación indebida feminine
    • It was held that the plaintiffs could successfully maintain an action in conversion against the defendant as they still enjoyed the general property in the car.
    • They may be interests in property, as in actions for trespass and conversion; or interests in unimpaired relations with others, as in causing injury or death to relatives.
    • A fortunate few have previously negotiated conversion from lease to proper title with the former laird for just the cost of the legal expenses.
    • Second, he claims a right to possession under the property law principles of trover and conversion.
    • Nothing, therefore, has happened except a conversion of one form of property held by the partners into another form of property held by the partners.
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    (in rugby)
    conversión feminine
    transformación feminine
    • Marcus Edwards, Scarborough's influential fly half, was instrumental in most of Scarborough's scoring, kicking all the conversions and a penalty goal.
    • Bob Brown scored three conversions and two drop goals.
    • Andy Bowness kicked a great conversion to level the scores from the right hand touchline.
    • Full-back Gavin Douglas capped a fine display with two penalties, two conversions and a drop goal.
    • Scotland's kicking specialist contributed 71 points - three tries, seven conversions, 13 penalties and one drop goal.
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    (in US football)
    conversión feminine
    • If this monotonous mess doesn't end after two overtimes, teams are forced to go for two points on touchdown conversions.
    • The colleges introduced two-point conversions in 1957.
    • He bagged two touchdowns, four conversions and a penalty.
    • Throw a touchdown pass and then perhaps go for a two-point conversion if you think it's worth the risk, Jeff!
    • After that go-ahead touchdown, Murdoch ran in a two-point conversion.