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convertible, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈvərdəb(ə)l/ /kənˈvəːtɪb(ə)l/

Definition of convertible in Spanish


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    convertible debentures obligaciones convertibles
    • However, as the convertible bond and the stock can move independently, the arbitrageur can lose on both the bond and the stock, which means the position carries risk.
    • Unlike with regular bonds, however, you can exchange your convertible bond for stock in the company at a certain price.
    • This chart shows the performance of a convertible bond as the stock price rises.
    • Investors favor convertible bonds when stocks are falling because they combine the protection offered by a bond and the potential to profit if the underlying shares rally.
    • Furthermore, some of the violations documented in this case can also be the result of nonsynchronous trading between the convertible bond and the underlying stock.
    • It buys the convertible bonds of a company and shorts the underlying stock.
    • Convertible preferreds work in the same way as convertible bonds.
    • The Tokyo Stock Exchange will relax its rules on issuing convertible bonds to prevent the hollowing out of the domestic market, a press report said yesterday.
    • ‘I would never have thought of convertible bonds on my own,’ he says.
    • His results, however, are specific model dependent and constitute a test of the particular model employed rather than a test of the pricing behaviour of convertible bonds.
    • Thus, the number of convertible bond prices that can be examined is limited to the availability of nonconvertible corporate bonds in the same cell the convertible bond belongs in.
    • The approach, which makes an assumption about the functional form of the yield premium, drastically increases the number of convertible bonds examined.
    • Sometimes, there are very attractive companies that don't have straight high-yield bonds but they do have convertible bonds.
    • This allows us to get a first yield spread estimate and, thus, a first price estimate of the equivalent nonconvertible bond for a greater number of convertible bonds.
    • The evidence provided in this paper suggests an underpricing of convertible bonds to the extent that negative conversion option prices are often implied.
    • The market for convertible bonds in particular has picked up steam as companies rush to raise funds while global interest rates remain low.
    • Attracted by the opportunity for arbitrage with the stock market, hedge funds have also been big buyers of convertible bonds.
    • The remainder is invested into common and preferred stock, and cash and convertible bonds, which can be transformed into equity at an investor's discretion.
    • Those enterprises that have managed to maintain good investment-grade credit ratings may be able to raise capital by selling convertible bonds.
    • It has been supported financially by 75-per-cent stakeholder High Fashion International through the issue of convertible notes.
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    (appliance/chair) convertible
    • There was a queen-size bed, convertible sofa, and pull-down bunk.
    • Should there be foldout or convertible sofa beds planned for any other rooms?
    • Again the convertible mechanism varied from one sofa bed to another.
    • This would usually be a level-term policy with a convertible option which allows you the choice of renewing the life policy in the future, based on your health when you bought the initial term insurance.
    • Police say the weapons were seized as it is suspected that they breach the 1982 Firearms Act, which prohibits the selling of readily convertible blank firing weapons.
    • Broadband internet access will be available for each student and all apartments will be readily convertible to a multitude of domestic layouts.
    • Some of the larger German stadia include areas of convertible seating, introduced mainly because of the demands of Uefa and Fifa.
    • And not only eminently convertible Victorian primaries are in trouble.
    • They provided loans which were convertible to equity on certain conditions.
    • The three storey accommodation is easily convertible to a capacious yet intimate restaurant.
    • Police are working to stop the flow of convertible guns into Britain, but growing sales on uncontrolled internet sites are worrying.
    • Undoubtedly, his most ingenious wartime design was a convertible shipping crate for a Bofors 90 mm antiaircraft gun.
    • One of my purchases was a convertible padded bra.
    • Serena's domination, of course, is directly convertible into dollars.
    • After reassessing the project, the government decided to cancel the original design for a convertible roof.
    • No payments will be paid for 3 years, and at that time it will be convertible into equity if he chooses (which he probably will).
    • Finally, it is possible to buy convertible terms, which allow consumers to switch into other life contracts without further medical investigation.
    • But they can postpone the dilution if they add another condition, or contingency, to the standard convertible terms.
    • Travis strolled down the main avenue leading to the Capital high rise watching the convertible cars fly overhead to avoid the street traffic.
    • Some of the convertible cars speeding beneath us rode topless.
    • They approached a convertible car recently left abandoned on the street, and both climbed in.
    • A £38,000 BMW M3 convertible car, which had been stolen in a commercial burglary in Leeds, was recovered in East Bowling.
    • Sometimes I think a retractable roof over the backyard would be a good idea: one that I could slide out when needed like a convertible car.
    • As I approach 40 I think it is high time I got myself the convertible car I've been dreaming of for 20 years.
    • Of course you get jealous of those people with nice convertible cars.
    • This lets workers do the convertible roof assembly, allowing convertibles to go down the same line as the sedans.
    • Despite our country's uncertain climate - or maybe because of it - sales of convertible cars in Ireland have increased dramatically in recent years.
    • This includes return flights from Dublin via Newark, 14 nights accommodation, six-day convertible car hire, taxes and insurance.
    • Volvo safety engineers have perfected a head protection inflatable curtain for convertible cars which will appear in the next generation of the company's convertibles.
    • Of interest to convertible die-hards will be the configuration of the roof which is in the process of being finalised.
    • A mother and daughter in a silver convertible BMW with its roof down, were chased and targeted by the violent rider of a Vespa-type moped.
    • After that, following the industry trend, a steel roof coupé / convertible model will be unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September.
    • What's more, a coupe and a convertible version of the G6 are coming.
    • The convertible segment represents 300,000 U.S. sales annually.
    • There is projected growth in the convertible market in Europe.
    • You enjoy the soundtrack a lot more in the convertible version, and I could often be found in tunnels, gearing down, top down, and enjoying the soundtrack of this engine.
    • A few days ago, the singer was driving in her convertible Mini Cooper with Sean in the back, facing forward - not a good idea says the State of California.
    • There were many efforts to create convertible versions of the old Mini of years gone by, but all involved aftermarket conversions, some of which were pretty rough around the edges.


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    Motor Vehicles
    descapotable masculine
    convertible masculine Latin America
    • This lets workers do the convertible roof assembly, allowing convertibles to go down the same line as the sedans.
    • The boot is of a reasonable size and compared to other convertibles, the roof does not intrude.
    • One of the boxes was so big we had to open the roof of the Chrysler convertible in order to get it onto the back seat.
    • Most soft-top convertibles seem like a good idea at the time.
    • The Germans offer station wagons, coupes and convertibles, even hatchbacks, in several series.
    • Or, will the new convertible simply eat into sedan sales?
    • But at the same time, the platform is so solid it's hard to believe the car is a convertible.
    • Who wouldn't like to drive a convertible for a week during early March in Michigan?
    • When these show up in configurations such as convertibles and station wagons, the rest might as well pack up their slide rules or get on the bus.
    • It was surmised that it was all due to the limited demand that time for coupes and also due to the high price of both models - the coupe and the convertible.
    • It's also said to have better bending rigidity than either a coupe or a convertible.
    • Any pulling power seemed to be confined to the engine, as far as I was concerned, and I found the overall look of the car rather staid; without the personality of, say, the Saab convertible.
    • Late last year, a two-door coupe made its way to the market, and this year 2006, a two-door convertible will be rolling off the highways.
    • Another convertible that caught the eye came from the U.S.
    • The suspension settings have also been adapted from the coupe to suit the convertible's ride characteristics.
    • Then he drove his convertible into a tree, killing himself and another.
    • As a quick test, imagine you're in a convertible shooting down some west coast highway (as in California, not Wales), one hand on an illusory steering wheel.
    • Jesse moved past her and got into his convertible, pulling the roof up overhead.
    • Traditional wood is still available (in two finishes) which works equally well with brown trim as used on the convertible I drove in the afternoon.
    • It will probably rain later, but for now, Tristan Campbell has lowered the convertible's roof, letting the heat and light envelop him.
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    (sofa bed)
    sofá-cama masculine