Translation of convex in Spanish:


convexo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnˈvɛks/ /ˈkɑnvɛks/ /ˈkɒnvɛks/


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    • Galileo's telescope had a convex object lens but a concave eye-piece.
    • Carve out squares of curving surfaces, concave and convex.
    • While the pillows are still partially molten they are compacted together so that they display convex upper surfaces and downwards-facing cusps at their contacts.
    • For the ceiling, he ‘proposed a series of convex surfaces,’ lowered toward the front.
    • Light enters the human eye via the transparent cornea, the eye's front window, which acts as a powerful convex lens.
    • The steroid treatment consisted of three implants per ear inserted subcutaneously on the convex surface of the ear.
    • The tongue normally offers a convex surface to the roof of the mouth: for an r-sound, the tongue surface is often hollowed out and the tip raised.
    • It weighs 440 g. One surface is smoothly convex and may have been used as a grinding stone.
    • This particular beach is many miles long and shaped like a new moon, a convex curve extending into the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Through the convex lens these frozen moments in time are of the other ‘side’.
    • Powerful images captured through a convex lens are frozen in time.
    • He likened this to asking an artisan to explain how the convex surface of a peg can possibly fill that of a concave hole.
    • Surprised, Jeana turned to look at her reflection in the mirror with the convex surface.
    • From the level of tooth one to tooth five, the lateral surface is slightly convex.
    • Ridges on the convex surface are not as well developed as those on the flat surface.
    • Sometimes, highlighted down the middle where the trees grew tall, the surface could look convex.
    • Go for a nice belly in the blade - a nice convex curve seriously improves cutting.
    • The water column was lowered over the dry grains until the convex surface just touched them.
    • The exterior walls were composed of concave and convex red bricks.
    • With water the surface is concave, with mercury it is convex.