Translation of conveyor in Spanish:


cinta transportadora, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈveɪər/ /kənˈveɪə/


(conveyor belt)
  • 1

    cinta transportadora feminine
    correa transportadora feminine
    banda transportadora feminine Mexico
    • They can at best act as conveyors of information and facilitators of decision-making by the political leadership.
    • They are primarily conveyers of information and opinions.
    • Questions such as how clinicians can be patient centred in email consultations require innovative approaches to researching consultations that place emphasis on semantics (as written words are the sole conveyors of information).
    • Smith was fascinated by patterns and designs, which became, for her, conveyors of information.
    • Despite its cachet as the conveyor of the space-age communications, cable - as a technical matter - is basically a wire attached to a pole and burrowed into nearby houses.
    • A lot of plants are configured so that product is moved to a common conveyor first, and as a result, there is a lot of product handling involved.
    • From the solid products of lignite combustion, retained ash is transported to storage yards - usually depleted mines - by conveyors or trucks.
    • These are bearers of news, conveyors of messages etc.
    • As a result, open-source publications have become by default the conveyor to the public of information and analysis on what is really happening in the world.
    • The fascination of both authors was based on a view of a ‘myth’ as more than an invented or fantastic story, but as a conveyor, a carrier of insights into, and longings for, a deeper underlying reality.
    • Williams said officers in the detachment's fraud squad have been inundated with cases of fraud locally, whether a person knowingly passed off phony money or, like this person, was simply a conveyor of bad cash.
    • And because fat is a principal conveyor of taste, his scheme appears more genuinely popular and durable than steamy regimes of endless grains, beans and greens.
    • And then the Vietnam War heated up after that, along with civil rights, etc., and TV became the real conveyor of the narrative here.
    • The wand is a piece of wood or a long pointy thing that's a conveyor for the energy.
    • The massive input of freshwater from melted ice would destabilise the great conveyor system of deep ocean currents that transports heat around the globe and maintains climate the way it is.
    • He's not a great conveyor of personalities like Henry Miller but is very good at stamping his broader impressions into words.
    • The newspaper has portrayed itself as a victim of misinformation, as though a conveyor of falsehoods has scant responsibility.
    • Earlier in the program, she describes her role as the conveyor of official news rather than a skeptical reporter.
    • They espouse design's purely functionalist role as a conveyor of other people's intentions.