Translation of convoluted in Spanish:


intrincado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnvəˌludəd/ /ˌkɒnvəˈl(j)uːtɪd/

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  • 1

    (story/argument) intrincado
    (story/argument) enrevesado
    • When Douglas's character smells a rat, the convoluted thriller plot is set in motion.
    • Make sure you stay away from long, convoluted arguments that demand intense concentration to follow.
    • Another problem is that the convoluted narrative constantly conflicts with itself and could never actually add up in real life.
    • Unfortunately, he is a compulsive liar whose naivety and innocence allows him to get away with the most convoluted stories.
    • People's eyes glaze over once they are immersed in its convoluted arguments.
    • The storylines are convoluted in the extreme: they twist and turn on themselves, surprising and delighting.
    • Given its epic emotions and convoluted plot, the story might better lend itself to opera than ballet.
    • Sometimes convoluted word structures just aren't appropriate.
    • This is the kind of convoluted wording that pops up on a regular basis, and my head still hurts trying to untangle it.
    • You turned my daughter against me with this convoluted tale that makes me look evil.
    • The intrigue is deepened by the convoluted tale of the past few months.
    • To say that it is convoluted and extremely complicated is an understatement.
    • Youngsters nowadays prefer watching love stories with convoluted endings that stretch for more than three hours.
    • Anyone who has tried to explain a convoluted opera plot to another is glaringly aware of difficulties that may arise.
    • If you follow his convoluted logic, it makes a certain kind of sense, but he's stretching things.
    • This will allow it to assess the best bid quickly as some proposals tend to be convoluted, making comparisons difficult.
    • The many convoluted and abstruse arguments of these programmes do not concern us here.
    • These issues and their connotations for academic freedom and campus sustainability are complex and convoluted.
    • And the expensive process could take a year to complete because of convoluted legal and municipal procedures.
    • Because the issues of censorship are so convoluted and complicated I find it difficult to come down completely on one side or the other.
  • 2

    (shell/leaf/petal) convoluto
    • He was fully aware he was dreaming, but remained deep within the convoluted folds of his subconscious.
    • The broken remains of the engine room form a short but convoluted route past twisted girders and scattered machinery.
    • There was a convoluted tangle of coloured threads around you, some of which seemed to be paths.
    • Notice the convoluted rope work.
    • The hot liquor tank has a convoluted coil of copper pipe that is used to raise the temperature of the mash.