Traducción de convolution en español:


lo intrincado, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑnvəˈluʃən/ /ˌkɒnvəˈluːʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (of story, plot)
    lo intrincado
    lo enrevesado
    • More important, I still find it hard to follow the convolutions of the plot.
    • Carey satirizes literary culture, plays with archetypes, exoticism, and the convolutions of travel yarns, and evokes Malaysia and Indonesia with aplomb.
    • Surely we reasonable creatures could dispense with these convolutions?
    • It's an interesting parallel, because jazz came in at the same time as the Modern style in architecture, and both have continued, but with convolutions and changes of style, up to the present time.
    • Yes, laughter too; for in the self-contradictory convolutions of human thought and action, the funny can, innocently or not, coexist with the most tragic.
    • The convolutions eventually snare the corrupt powerbrokers in their own deceptive political machinations.
    • The dialogue will be mostly in English, a bonus when trying to weave one's way through the inevitable romantic convolutions of the operetta genre.
    • They were handsomely backed in the convolutions of the plot by the rest of the cast, all of whom escaped the guillotine which loomed behind.
    • Unfortunately, all of the melodrama and intentional plot convolutions don't add up to much.
    • But what stopped me from really, really liking it was the utter convolution of the plot.
    • The story seems to be supplemented every time the film-makers realise they're no closer to the target run-time they've been set by the studio and then just dissolves into its own convolution.
    • I swear I'm trying to keep convolution to a minimum here, but this is no game of fishing in the carnival ducky pond, no siree.
    • The bad news is that there's a great deal of convolution: events and emotions are very confused, the threads are tangled.
    • For such are the convolutions of City's current cash crisis that should a buyer not be found by Saturday's deadline, the club will physically not close there and then.
    • But given the convolutions of the US electoral system I willing to admit I could be wrong.
    • I urge the apologists for the Prime Minister to stop their convolutions and twisting of the truth.
    • The convolutions in the plotlines veer back and forth between intriguing and confusing.
    • The convolutions of dress are of course largely to act as trip wires for the unwary.
    • Although the plot convolutions probably employ too many convenient coincidences, suspension of disbelief happens effortlessly thanks to superb acting and directing throughout.
    • I trust him and he knows the water and heating convolutions of the house inside out.
  • 2

    (of brain)
    circunvolución femenino
    • In people, nonhuman primates, and other mammals with relatively large brains, the cerebral cortex's convolutions permit its large surface area to cram inside the skull.
    • Called an endocast, the model shows a variety of features, including the brain's size, shape, vessels, and convolutions.
    • In addition, cholesterol depletion caused the convolutions of the basal membrane and the structure of the lateral membrane to be less complex and the membranes to be smoother in the DIC images.
    • They say one particular convolution in the right part of the brain is responsible for this sensation, that it collects information from different parts of the brain to form an idea of where the human body is at any particular moment.