Translation of cookbook in Spanish:


libro de cocina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʊkˌbʊk/ /ˈkʊkbʊk/


  • 1

    libro de cocina masculine
    libro de recetas masculine
    recetario masculine
    • Sheila quickly tired of eating salads, though, and bought low fat cookbooks and food magazines and watched television shows about healthy cooking.
    • The recipe is in that cookbook and most of the ingredients are sitting out on the counter I think.
    • And therein lies what I like about this cookbook - good food can be fast.
    • Rotate products from the back of the shelf to the front during cleaning, and clear out cabinet castaways by using cookbooks that have food indexes in the back.
    • He also wrote three cookbooks and many food articles.
    • You can find diabetic cookbooks that focus on foods from different cultures and ethnicities.
    • Her hobbies are reading and cooking but I think I've exhausted the book / cookbook gift in recent years.
    • He pulled out his grandmother's old cookbook and started preparing a small dinner.
    • The source of this astonishing information is a cookbook that belonged to my grandmother.
    • This attractive hardcover cookbook contains interesting recipes from start to finish.
    • Year after year, cookbooks and diet books are the biggest sellers - how not to eat it, once you've learn how to cook it.
    • Books about genes seem to have joined the ranks of cookbooks and doctor books in that there appears to be an insatiable market for them.
    • After a valiant effort to change recipes to milliliters, cookbooks have gone back to the old cups and teaspoons.
    • You might say that a cookbook is an unusual book to consider really influential.
    • I was far beyond the suggested cooking time from the cookbook, yet it was definitely not cooked enough.
    • It's easy to print recipes or store them in your own online cookbook.
    • This is more an encyclopedia of Italian food than a cookbook.
    • I can find recipes in my oldest cookbooks, looking pretty much the same in my new ones.
    • But she was still a teacher, she still loved teaching, and she still loved food - a cookbook is Hilary's idea of bedtime reading.
    • I will tell you a bit about what forms the backbone of a cookbook - the recipes.