Translation of cookout in Spanish:


comida al aire libre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʊkˌaʊt/ /ˈkʊkaʊt/


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    comida al aire libre feminine
    • They lived in military housing, and his stepfather invited a lot of the single sailors to come over for cookouts and parties.
    • Every Fourth of July, after our holiday cookout, we'd gather as a mass in the yard with lawn chairs and blankets to watch the fireworks.
    • Today, the restored teahouse once again plays host to tea-party fund-raisers, cookouts with friends, and children's parties.
    • June, July, August - 92 days filled with no school, great weather, family reunions, vacations, ball games and cookouts.
    • You normally see them at backyard cookouts and other get-togethers.
    • Picture a healthy green lawn: perfect for lounging, great for ball games and cookouts, a real asset to your home.
    • In the afternoon, temple members cooked Vietnamese food and brought it to a cookout at a community center for about 300 people who had tackled other jobs that day.
    • Gather your neighbors, have a cookout at night.
    • We're not much for picnics or cookouts, and frankly, any weekend can be a holiday weekend in the summer.
    • There are also BBQ pits, showers, picnic tables, and this is just a great place to enjoy the beach, snorkeling, and a cookout!
    • I slowed my step as I walked by, the smell of their cookout wafting through the air, pulling heavily on my hungry stomach.
    • People in New England have the last cookout before it gets cold.
    • Today, he said, he'll go to a family cookout, then watch the fireworks.
    • The last day of camp, we have a lunch cookout and present the awards for the week.
    • Why do you guys have so many cookouts and dinners?
    • Last year, Americans held 3.1 billion cookouts across the country, up from 2.7 billion in 1995.
    • Now this doesn't mean you can't still enjoy summertime cookouts.
    • I remember going swimming with him and having cookouts in the park.
    • He has led marches and organized concerts and cookouts to reach out to troubled youths in the neighborhood.
    • The kids and their mother came to spend the summer months fishing, hiking and having cookouts.