Translation of coolheaded in Spanish:


sereno, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkulˈhɛdəd/

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    to remain coolheaded no perder la cabeza
    • Pregnant Jordana Buckley and her mum Lorraine today paid tribute to a cool-headed fire control operator who talked them to safety knowing they were minutes from disaster.
    • Remaining calm and cool-headed was always essential.
    • When the paramedics finally arrived, cool-headed Gabriella, who also suffers from asthma, greeted them at the door of the 16th century farmhouse and then took them to where her mum was lying helpless on the floor.
    • The cool-headed 37-year-old took hold of one of the men, who had a handgun, but he broke free and pointed the gun at her, saying ‘Back off or you'll get one’.
    • The healthy functioning of a society requires a group of cool-headed professionals who reveal to the public all kinds of social issues in a timely manner, and journalists are such a group of people.
    • And what the world needs now are cool-headed leaders.
    • The cool-headed teenager made sure two friends got out of the house and called firefighters.
    • ‘I think one of the reasons that I am cool-headed when I box is that I have got a good family looking after me,’ he said.
    • While any details about their relationship could embarrass the normally cool-headed England coach, they should have no relevance to his ability to do his job.
    • ‘I must sincerely call on everyone to be rational and cool-headed,’ he said.
    • We were halfway to the casino when the thing suddenly sat up and meowed, striking wholescale panic into my usually cool-headed, crack reporting team.
    • The other was a highly educated, enormously well-read, famously cool-headed master spy for the Soviet Union.
    • I am sure that the Australian people want both a clear and cool-headed government and also a good-hearted government.
    • While the Games will be great, cool-headed analysts estimate the economic impact at perhaps one percent a year for a few years.
    • Yet despite knowing this to be true - in an objective, cool-headed way - I still couldn't wait for it to end.
    • The cool-headed executive doesn't want to rock the boat soon after taking over as the CEO.
    • Collectively, these factors mean that a cool-headed plaintiff will not bring a case in which the expected outcome is smaller than the cost of litigation.
    • He felt strangely calm, the knowledge of certain death making him more cool-headed than he had ever been.
    • The cool-headed leader Rose continued her pace.
    • Think, talk to cool-headed agent Smith, and decide.