Traducción de cooling tower en español:

cooling tower

torre de refrigeración, n.


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    torre de refrigeración femenino
    • These turbines are taller than the cooling towers at Drax Power Station and almost twice the height of York Minster.
    • Experts are examining water systems, particularly those where warm, stagnant water is found such as hot water tanks, cooling towers, whirlpool spas and air conditioning and plumbing systems.
    • In the shadow of four concrete cooling towers - almost 400 feet each - this squat earth-tone building sits shuttered.
    • With its two great circles of cooling towers steaming away, and its mighty central chimney spouting a faint haze of smoke, it is truly monumental, like a kinetic modern Stonehenge.
    • In Germany, four nuclear power plants cut production drastically to avoid releasing super-heated water from cooling towers into rivers.
    • The disease is contracted by breathing in mist from contaminated water sources such as cooling towers and air conditioning.
    • This means that the plume from the cooling tower is evaporated water.
    • The cooling water is circulated to cooling towers above ground to remove the heat.
    • Leaves, dust, dirt and other contaminants easily enter condenser water systems through the cooling tower.
    • There are no minimum qualifications for water consultants who test cooling towers.
    • A wastewater treatment system resupplies toilets and provides make-up water for the cooling tower.
    • If you want to avoid big ugly cooling towers then the nuclear plant needs a large water source.
    • Mr. Ryan submits that installation of a cooling tower control panel is an extra and claims a cost of $6,366.96.
    • All water used for cooling towers, landscaping irrigation and toilet flushing is recycled water.
    • Causes suggested include industrial equipment such as pumps, fans, electrical installations and cooling towers - and domestic appliances such as fridges or even fish tanks.
    • Clouds from the looming vase-shaped cooling towers blocked the sun, wires audibly sizzled with electricity, a conveyor belt rattled.
    • When temperatures climb above 40 degrees, the cooling towers release hot air from the facility.
    • On the horizon, at ten, twelve and one o'clock are clusters of cooling towers, each with a dark plume, a spooky symmetry of warming.
    • In many power stations the heat produced by burning gas to make electricity is allowed to escape into the atmosphere though cooling towers.
    • The horizon was punctuated by four distant patterns of cooling towers, but try as we did we couldn't pick out a hint of York.