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mapache, n.

Pronunciación /kun/ /kuːn/

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  • 1EEUU coloquial

    mapache masculino
    • Our formative years were mostly spent in the woods hunting squirrels, coons, rabbits and the occasional deer.
    • The dogs tree their first coon and everyone is excited, especially Grandpa.
    • They looked up in a tree and saw a bobcat was after a coon.
    • They are on the trail of what Billy thinks is a coon, but actually turns out to be a mountain lion.
    • When the two coons are finally killed, Papa asks where the third coon went.
    • The boys and the dogs are at the tree where the ghost coon supposedly ran up, but the coon is nowhere in sight.
    • Billy knows this is not true, because his dogs have only treed three coons in one night.
    • Soon enough, the coon is back in the bottoms and the dogs are right behind him.
    • According to Lawrence Will, ‘floods and freezes, wild hogs and coons, muck fires, gnats and mosquitoes, slow transportation and greedy New York buyers, all these discouraged many.’
    • But the coons sometimes left him with a need of medical attention.
    • Apparently, one of the other teams caught three coons just before quitting because of the storm.
    • He hunts for coons almost every night and hangs all the skins on the smokehouse for all the passers-by to see.
    • He says he cannot leave the tree or else the coon will get out.
    • They bet him two dollars that his hounds cannot catch a coon that has been running around in their part of the country for years.
    • We circle around him to make sure he will be alright like vultures around a dead coon.
    • It is ready the day after the coons have stripped all the ears off the stalk.
    • I caught myself noting the condition of the unfortunate animals that had not made it across the road and idly thought, ‘The coons are big this year.’
    • One guy was dumb enough to try to catch a coon and it almost took his hand off.
    • He was the top bird and raccoon hunting dog in the small town of Heron, and the whole state of Montana was proud of him for holding the record for most coons caught in an hour.
    • On your walk you will probably see mallards, grebes, canvasbacks and coons and perhaps snapping turtles and white pelicans.
  • 2 argot, malsonante despectivo

    (black person)
    negro masculino
    negra femenino