Translation of cooperate in Spanish:


cooperar, v.

Pronunciation /koʊˈɑpəˌreɪt/ /kəʊˈɒpəreɪt/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    to cooperate with sb cooperar / colaborar con algn
    if the weather cooperates si el tiempo no nos falla
    • But he is reportedly cooperating with authorities, and has not officially been charged with any crime in connection with the case.
    • The bank is fully cooperating with the investigation, he said.
    • They're cooperating with police; they've gone in and they've done the right thing.
    • It isn't the public's business so long as he's cooperating with the media.
    • But cooperating with the tribunal has been a key demand of European and U.S. aid donors.
    • One is that the police have said that he is fully cooperating with them, and the police have also said he's not a suspect.
    • But he recently quit cooperating with them and they asked for a longer sentence.
    • We were cooperating with his lawyers but we weren't actually in that case.
    • The company has said it is cooperating with authorities.
    • Then came the actions of our esteemed spy agency, that sees fit to harass people into cooperating with it.
    • Jefferson has not commented on that matter, except to say he is cooperating with the investigation.
    • The district attorney said the boy in the latest case is cooperating with investigators and has no plans to sue.
    • Sometimes, the guests were secretly filmed and reportedly blackmailed into cooperating with him.
    • One of the baggage handlers involved began cooperating with customs and drug agents.
    • They say they are cooperating with authorities until this situation can be assessed.
    • Do you know whether or not he is at this point cooperating with his interrogators?
    • The boxer may have been killed by gangsters because he was cooperating with a police investigation into a murder.
    • The man was cooperating with detectives and was expected to appear in court on Wednesday.
    • I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation.
    • She did not reply in words, but her eyes told David that she was not going to cooperate in any way if he kept asking her like that.