Translation of coordinate in Spanish:


coordinar, v.

Pronunciation /koʊˈɔrdəˌneɪt/ /kəʊˈɔːdɪneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make function together)
    (movements/activities/project) coordinar
    • This option is, however, impractical for larger organizations where it is more cost effective to develop control rules as a means to coordinate the activities of organizational members.
    • This partnership has a key role in co-ordinating activities across public organisations, and it is through this group that transport issues affecting access to health care will be addressed.
    • A joint leadership group of officials from both organizations will coordinate these activities.
    • Sarda is an organisation which co-ordinates the advanced training of experienced mountain rescue personnel.
    • Many compliments were extended to Johnny Burke and Michael Mooney for all the work they put into organising and coordinating the entire venture.
    • He said the ability to coordinate complex projects depends on democratization and free markets, and only after democratic modernization would China be able to integrate systems.
    • KP coordinated the study, organised the questionnaires, carried out the interviews, and contributed to analysis.
    • To prove that wrong, facility officials are constantly coordinating activities that while culturally and intellectually engaging, are entertaining too.
    • The general manager said that he needed time to coordinate arrangements to bring in business, and promised to meet with shop owners again to discuss further plans.
    • All of these tasks are coordinated, controlled and regulated by an organ that is about the size of a small head of cauliflower: your brain.
    • These organisations co-ordinate the various campaigns that are taking place and raise awareness of the problems facing the shark.
    • ‘For fiscal decentralization to be successful, a strong central government is needed to lead and coordinate the process,’ the report says.
    • The protesters are also coordinating actions outside the free-speech zone by sending text messages on their wireless phones.
    • Many ambulance services are now coordinated on a regional basis and claim that they cannot have local knowledge.
    • Together, they coordinated inbound and outbound surface movements.
    • As Internet technology improves, auditory and visual sensations will be more effectively coordinated with each other.
    • It coordinates and harmonises a person's skills and abilities for the realization of his dreams.
    • The company has co-ordinated over 3000 events of all sizes and varieties and its maritime division has been involved in a number of major maritime events.
    • In order to coordinate these efforts, an international research group was created.
    • The commission would be set up to promote and coordinate uniform rules among the states.
  • 2

    (clothes) combinar
    (clothes) coordinar
    (clothes) conjuntar
    • Belts need to match or closely coordinate with your shoes.
    • The few flowers coordinate with leaf accent colors.
    • And they come in patterns and colors to coordinate with any decor.
    • It is not very practical to add a color that does not coordinate with anything else in the closet.
    • All shoes feature the athlete's name/nickname with colorways coordinated to match back with team colors.
    • Two of the styles are women's shirts that coordinate with men's styles.
    • Everything you need comes in one complete set, and is designed to match or coordinate perfectly.
    • For best results, match the basket hue to coordinate with linens or fabrics.
    • Or, you could use the wall color to make the rooms coordinate with one another.
    • It was surprisingly neat and clean, well decorated, full of good-looking furniture, and the colors were all coordinated.
    • And those colors coordinated perfectly with the garden I saw through my window.
    • Choose a fabric that coordinates with (not necessarily matches) that of other furnishings or window treatments.
    • The bedlinen in the main bedroom could be changed to co-ordinate with the rest of the colour scheme - at the moment it is a bit of a clash.
    • This way you'll be able to choose a color that coordinates with the new wall color and with the floral sofa (if they are to be in the same room.)
    • Otherwise, get a tie that coordinates with the jacket and the shirt.
    • They were very coordinated in the way that they maneuvered, like a well oiled team.
    • The universal appeal of flowers and their ability to coordinate with many decorating schemes make them a perennial favorite for hotels.
    • Of course, she would most likely also make some of her servants begin planning hairstyles that would coordinate with her gowns.
    • If you order them all at once, you can not only get a discount, but can make sure they coordinate well together.
    • In a natural pine finish, it can be left in its original state or painted to coordinate with your decor.
  • 3

    coordinating conjunction conjunción coordinante

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (clothes/kitchenware) combinar
    (clothes/kitchenware) hacer juego
  • 2coordinating present participle

    a gray suit with coordinating accessories un traje gris con accesorios haciendo juego


  • 1

    coordenada feminine
    coordinate geometry geometría analítica
    • It happened when he came across a theorem which stated that points in the plane could be specified with a single coordinate.
    • The points at sea-level were all lined up: the east-west coordinate was the same for every point.
    • Basically, the fifth coordinate was not observable but was a physical quantity that was conjugate to the electrical charge.
    • The x coordinate of a vertex represents the location of one token, and the y coordinate represent the location of another token at the same time.
    • There's a good way to sketch this out on a napkin, where the energy of the system is the Y coordinate of a graph.
    • They will then automatically receive a return message stating the name of the park area and the map coordinate of their child's position in the park.
    • In addition, the left window shows the current x coordinate while the right one shows the y coordinate.
    • He turned back to the screen before him and frantically went about putting in the final coordinate for the place they were in.
    • The address becomes much more like a Social Security number than a street coordinate.
    • The zero coordinate for each linkage group is shown as a bar to the left of each vertical line.
    • It might be thought that a sensible choice for the vertical coordinate would be pressure.
    • So despite the absence of the third coordinate, this analysis is valid in three dimensions.
    • It is a pleasure to note that all the plans have a north-point an essential co-ordinate for their interpretation.
    • Somebody draws a simple image and assigns it a coordinate.
    • Analogously, the altitude coordinate was used to calculate the vertical speed.
    • The most difficult part of this process turned out to be converting the grid coordinate from military to latitude and longitude.
    • These were Newton's words when he used time as an important coordinate in the laws of mechanics that he described so accurately.
    • This allows the three-dimensional equations to be reduced to a one-dimensional equation of one coordinate of radius, r.
    • The students draw a trip line with any stop as the benchmark, which is assigned the coordinate zero.
    • A coordinate used by the military fixed the site at 40 to 50 miles south of the Cambodian border.
  • 2coordinates plural

    • 2.1(in navigation)

      coordenadas feminine

    • 2.2(clothing)

      prendas para combinar feminine
      coordinados masculine
      • As a testament to the camp shirt's ongoing popularity, manufacturers and suppliers continue to provide new twists on camp shirt colors, coordinates and styles for 2004.
      • Outrageously colored coats of layered fabrics were worn over ugly, contradictory coordinates.


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