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copiloto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkoʊˌpaɪlət/

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    copiloto masculino, femenino
    • The government regulator also issued a written warning to the two co-pilots of the charter flight.
    • After the second rattling, the co-pilot can be heard asking for maximum power, Black said.
    • On February 15, pilots and co-pilots voted 97.5 percent in favour of holding strike action in pursuit of their pay claim.
    • The victims included the plane's pilot and two co-pilots, police said.
    • It is not only an issue for pilots or co-pilots, it is an issue that might surface with, for example, engineers.
    • He also said pilots and co-pilots were extremely vulnerable to an attack.
    • Forward, in what was termed the ‘bridge,’ sat the captain and co-pilot (first officer and second in command).
    • The co-pilot, putting the aircraft into a diving turn as was standard after releasing the bombs, had to hold his commander off the controls and fly the airplane at the same time.
    • First, he turned control of the aircraft over to his co-pilot.
    • Next the flight attendant gets the co-pilot to speak with her.
    • The cameras were integrated into a system that would automatically adjust their operation according to the co-pilot's input of the aircraft's speed and altitude.
    • When the airplane is clear of the ground, direct the co-pilot to retract and lock the landing gear.
    • Caroline, the inexperienced co-pilot, takes command.
    • Maura, my co-pilot and navigator, always had a higher opinion of the rookies than I did.
    • Several officers and his co-pilot were dead and all looked lost until he managed to hide in a cloud long enough to shake off his pursuers.
    • I'm expecting the co-pilot to back up the captain with both the flying and the observing for threats.
    • In this particular case the co-pilot's life may have been saved if this safety factor had been available.
    • He sat back in the copilot's seat and cast her a triumphant grin.
    • I decided to tell my copilot I was having a problem.
    • From the copilot's seat, Captain Simeon Grey turned to face the conference.