Traducción de copiously en español:


abundantemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkoʊpiəsli/ /ˈkəʊpɪəsli/


  • 1

    (eat/drink) abundantemente
    (weep/bleed) copiosamente
    • The sentence was, of course, quoted copiously by reviewers.
    • The wound bled copiously onto the kitchen floor.
    • She walked between the cars and before she noticed, it started to rain copiously.
    • As soon as the signal came on, the dogs approached the location of the food and started salivating copiously.
    • He could smell the pepper that had been copiously added to the sauce and salivated.
    • Granny was weeping copiously.
    • I was drinking copiously.
    • Eye injuries should be irrigated copiously and referred to an ophthalmologist.
    • The beer flowed copiously and the air was thick with smoke from cigarettes.
    • Hoses that burst apart under pressure, or leaked copiously, were another problem faced by fire fighters.
    • The fables were copiously illustrated in meticulous detail.
    • I am indebted to him for kindly reading and commenting copiously and acutely on the first drafts of all the chapters.
    • Though the entire book is lucidly written and copiously researched, these latter chapters are especially interesting and informative.
    • His later style flowed copiously from this liberating move.
    • He completed a short textbook on how to write copiously in Latin.
    • He wrote copiously - leaving journals, memos, articles, and letters.
    • Once again, the artistic flair of the students is well noted in the annual, which is copiously illustrated with sketches and drawings by the students.
    • He travelled copiously, by car, bus, train and boat and on foot, but eschewed air travel.
    • This copiously researched, anecdote-filled book is one of the best.
    • To make this argument he copiously cites recent historians and political theorists.