Translation of copper beech in Spanish:

copper beech

haya roja, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) haya roja feminine
    • As two trees - an English oak and a copper beech - flourish and grow in their Recreation Ground, the residents of Long Compton will be able to recall the happy occasion of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.
    • He said about two-acres of mature, ash, sycamore copper beech and oak trees were felled.
    • In the case of the Lincoln copper beech, experts believe the main tree died from changes in local land conditions.
    • To the front of the house is mostly lawn, sheltered by mature trees and shrubs, including a copper beech, weeping ash and rhododendrons.
    • And a good copper beech, nearing maturity, is likely to be damaged during construction.
    • Now it turns out the copper beech was only l40 years old.
    • So the green fields vanished, the traffic increased, and the big copper beech on the pavement outside the house was occasionally hung with boys.
    • The copper beech, estimated to be 300-years-old, partly destroyed 10 garages in the exact spot where the flats once stood.
    • When they got to the corner, she darted ahead and scampered up the copper beech.
    • To the right, the view takes in the valley: in the mature copper beech, you may notice a large steel circle.
    • Are we, then, at all surprised that the threat to the copper beech has instigated such passion?
    • All afternoon she sat, chain-smoking under a copper beech tree until one by one, the night set out its stars.
    • It was the following comment, relating to the appalling destruction of the copper beech trees in Fulford, that led us to that conclusion.
    • He said a copper beech tree would be planted in its place.
    • Council tax payers have now paid for plans being considered for the removal of a beautiful copper beech tree from our village.
    • Trees, including copper beech and mountain ash, are planted around the lawn area at the base of the garden to give a sense of scale.
    • The realignment clearly identifies the removal of the group of trees including a number of copper beech, lime and chestnut trees, which have been described as glorious during the summer months.
    • Cutting over 60 yards of boundary hedge consisting of varying lengths of copper beech, laurel and privet is becoming an increasingly daunting task as the years pass.
    • There's this immense old copper beech on the north side of the house that was perfect for climbing, too.
    • In front of the house is a large field with copper beeches in opposite corners and curving stone walls aligned to the gates of the old walled orchard below.