Traducción de copperplate en español:


letra inglesa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑpərˌpleɪt/ /ˈkɒpəpleɪt/


  • 1also copperplate handwriting

    letra inglesa femenino
    he wrote it in his best copperplate lo escribió con su mejor caligrafía
  • 2

    plancha de cobre femenino
    • Much controversy still remains regarding the techniques used, but all processes began with etching and/or engraving the desired design on a copperplate.
    • Then the copperplate is etched, and the image transferred onto fine Japanese paper.
    • By the age of eleven, Maria could engrave a copperplate.
    • The society has all four volumes of the original double-elephant folio edition, housed in a specially designed mahogany viewing case, as well as several loose artist's proofs, and four of the copperplates engraved for the publication.
    • To push this concept further, Whistler etched many of his views directly onto the copperplate as he saw them so that the printed etchings are reversed.
    • Woodcuts were cheap to produce as they could be printed in quantities of many thousands, rather than the hundreds that etched images on copperplate could yield.
    • Impressions from steel-faced copperplates tend to be colder and more sharply linear than the same images struck from the naked copper.
    • To transfer the drawing from the tracing paper, one had only to dampen the sheet, place it face down on a copperplate prepared with a wax ground, and run both through the press.
    • At the upper right a small slip of paper was pasted over the main sheet to repair the tear, and then the copperplate was struck on the repaired sheet.
    • Bach admired the theme, extemporised a fugue on it, and said that he would make a copperplate of it.
    • Resin particles are either dusted onto the copperplate or applied in a spirit base.
    • ‘Short of printing from original copperplates or lithograph stones and hand coloring each print, digital imaging technology gives us the means to achieve astonishing fidelity to the original prints,’ he said.
    • The state archives will allow three of his original copperplates to be inked by a master printer who will then print ‘re-strikes’ from the plates.
    • Currently owned by the Old Print Shop in New York City, the original copperplate is now stripped of its coating and will never be struck again.
    • Until now, it has not been certain what method the Havell family employed to transfer images from the watercolor to the copperplate.
    • Catesby made his prints by etching the image of his drawing onto the surface of a copperplate.
    • The work incorporated an impressive total of 446 copperplates and was published between 1734 and 1765.
    • His medium is not the traditional woodblock, but copperplates.
    • Helping to personalize his achievement was the artist's original large copperplate with the image of the Arch of Titus and his portrait bust made by the English Sculptor Joseph Nollekens.
    • Among his other skills, he was renowned as an engraver both in wood and in copperplate.