Traducción de coppery en español:


cobrizo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑpəri/ /ˈkɒp(ə)ri/

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    • Beneath the hop flavours lies a big smooth malty taste which also delivers the signature soft coppery colour of this brew.
    • Unlike many redheads she was tanned to a coppery colour.
    • The colour faded from his coppery face and it turned white.
    • Her hair was a coppery colour and her features were smooth and delicate.
    • When I go to the window I see a coppery brown mare in the front yard, gazing at me with unblinking bitter-chocolate eyes.
    • Its coppery brown fronds turn a golden yellow in the autumn.
    • The coppery taste came as my teeth cut into my lip.
    • He could feel and taste the warm coppery blood that came forth.
    • They both have red hair, but Mike's is more of a coppery auburn, while Melonie's is a soft strawberry-blonde.
    • The display of gold satiated my thirst of a lifetime, the incredible offers, and the variety of designs, in bright, and white gold, in muted and coppery gold.
    • The pennies roll like waves as the long rays of the late afternoon sun bring out the coppery greens of these used, ‘matured’ pennies.
    • They continued to trickle in under the coppery sun.
    • Either way, at about 10: 15, you would have seen the moon begin to change from white to shades of coppery orange and red!
    • Although deciduous in cooler climates, here blueberries retain their attractive coppery foliage until pruning time in winter.
    • His looked all coppery so I asked what it was made of.
    • The leaves are then spread out to dry until they turn coppery in color.
    • All but her front incisors are capped with some very red-gold, its either very red gold or it looks coppery.
    • Her nostrils flared, drawing in a sharp coppery scent.
    • Like a chameleon, flower color changes dramatically - from pink to coppery pink to rusty orange as the season progresses.
    • It was extremely coppery at first, but slowly became sweet.