Translation of coprocessor in Spanish:


coprocesador, n.

Pronunciation /koʊˈprɑsɛsər/ /kəʊˈprəʊsɛsə/


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    coprocesador masculine
    • It's also worth mentioning that the quality of the multimedia has a lot to do with audio and video coprocessors.
    • His current interests include operating systems, security, secure coprocessors, and simulators.
    • A video game system includes a game cartridge which is pluggably attached to a main console having a main processor, a 3D graphics generating coprocessor, expandable main memory and player controllers.
    • The company has entered the race to deliver microprocessor cores that accept custom-made instructions, saying the move gives designers an alternative to hardwired logic and coprocessors.
    • The on-board graphics coprocessor delivers instantaneous chart redraw and sharp graphics.