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copia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑpi/ /ˈkɒpi/

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nombreplural copies

  • 1

    • 1.1(of painting, statue)

      copia femenino
      • And how, if at all, did you indicate that this was a copy or an identical copy, how do you know that?
      • The first thing to note is that it is apparent that the copy is an identical copy inasmuch as there is the same blank on the original.
      • And to make the leap from life to death less abrupt, the inhabitants have constructed an identical copy of their city, underground.
      • That sum is how much it would cost to create an identical copy of the parliament from scratch should the controversial original be obliterated in a disaster.
      • In the new host the necessary acids are floating around and they quickly join up with their complement acid, forming an identical copy.
      • The church dates back to the medieval period, but the Lantern Tower was replaced with an identical copy in 1837.
      • The monumental tomb was an identical copy of the tomb of Lenin, which can still be seen in Moscow.
      • The industrial building, next to the villa, at first seemed to be an identical copy of the main villa.
      • Why would Berger remove five identical copies of the same report, shred three of them with a pair of scissors, and return the other two to the archives?
      • It is now hoped that the horse-cloning technique can be used to produce identical copies of champion jumpers and show horses.
      • Uncertain which of the three sons to give it to, he had two identical copies made, so that he could give a ring to each son.
      • Someone had stolen ALL our furniture and left identical copies in the same spots.
      • Did the files he was looking at contain multiple identical copies of each document?
      • For instance, reproductive cloning that produces many identical copies could make conventional police work much harder to do.
      • Obviously, these are copies, fakes, pirate booty.
      • There is one bookcase in the room, its shelves filled with identical copies of the dictionary.
      • Wee Nit (the adorable) is an identical copy of her twin sister, Ying.
      • Thus, Jaffe commissioned an identical copy from Marco that was precisely one-half the size.
      • The control room was an identical copy - to the eighth of an inch - of the Sound Factory.
      • The only way another person could enjoy that particular painting was if an identical copy was made.

    • 1.2(of document)

      copia femenino
      the customer keeps the top copy el cliente se queda con el original
      • The Enquirer sold a record 6.5 million copies of the issue containing that shot.
      • The book has sold more than 6.5 million copies since its publication last year, breaking sales records for a novel in its first 12 months, and is set to be made into a film.
      • Under section 9 of the Copyright Act of 1994, the copyright owner has the right to issue to the public copies of sound recordings and films.
      • It is adapted from the first in the series of books by CS Lewis, which have sold millions of copies since their initial publication, 50 years ago.
      • They will also see regional authors reading from their latest publication and signing copies of their books.
      • He had managed to ask the librarian to sell him cheap copies of the record books, and was headed towards the ship, books in hand and Laya at his side.
      • The Daily Mail, a revolutionary departure from the leaden format of its contemporaries, sold a record breaking 300,000 copies of its first issue.
      • And Guildford Library in Surrey claims it will be the only library in the country that will issue copies of the new book to fans at midnight.
      • Outside, the Bookmobile will be downloading, printing, binding, and giving away for free copies of public domain books.
      • Before, during and after World War II, honor systems were used to sell single copies of newspapers.
      • It sold over 20 million copies in book form and sparked three sequels at the cinema.
      • In a way it isn't the authenticity of the work that counts, I don't think you can just issue 20 copies of limited editions of your film to people.
      • The prices for single copies and subscriptions were relatively high, but the elite audience was able to pay the price.
      • Orders for the signed, numbered and limited edition copies of this new book go on sale December 26!
      • Their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, produces millions of copies of books which expose the errors of evolution and give evidence for creation.
      • These things sell like hot cakes, millions of copies per issue, which is amazing since very few people will ever admit to reading one.
      • Again, the public's response was overwhelmingly positive; the single sold eight million copies.
      • And on the verge of conquering radio and selling nearly a million copies of that record, they kept their promise.
      • A number of newspapers and a broadcast network have asked to purchase extra copies of the special issue.
      • Worldwide, 13 million copies of the book had rolled off the presses in a massive print run.

  • 2

    (of newspaper, book)
    ejemplar masculino
    back copy número atrasado
    • presentation copy ejemplar de cortesía
  • 3

    • 3.1(text)

      he/she must be able to produce clear copy debe saber redactar con claridad
      • I got my copy in by midnight entregué el artículo (or reportaje etc.) antes de la media noche
      • she wrote the copy for the campaign se encargó de la redacción de los textos de la campaña
      • good news doesn't make good copy las buenas noticias no se venden bien

    • 3.2(unprinted matter)

      manuscrito masculino
      • He has been supplying newspaper men with good copy for generations.
      • We hear that a group of freelance journalists in the US are suing a leading national newspaper for posting their copy on its Web site without permission.
      • Mr Jones submits that it was right to look first at the criminal conduct of the investigatory journalists who spent money freely to provide copy for their newspaper.
      • Some journalists are fond of staging rescue operations that make great copy for newspapers.
      • Although it made great copy for the newspapers, it suggested the Rocket was in bad-tempered mode - and some felt he might be about to self-destruct.
      • Other newspapers ran equally dramatic copy, using military metaphors to show the growing rift between doctors and the health secretary.
      • If you see a bit of lazy newspaper copy promoting our former favourite as some kind of internet sensation, you know where it came from.
      • How many times should you use your primary keyword in your web copy and your article submissions?
      • Newspaper editors happily confirm that Churchill stories make great copy, especially since in the UK one cannot sue for libel on behalf of the dead.
      • Unfortunately she started writing copy for women's magazines which was beyond parody.
      • You will also have to write copy (basically articles) that communicates when being spoken.
      • We use allusions to popular songs in headlines and in copy and we tend not to get accused of violating copyright.
      • Try to avoid redundant copy in the headline, sub-head, cutline, and lead.

verbo transitivo copies, copying, copied

  • 1

    • 1.1(reproduce)

      (statue/painting) copiar
      • The tales were known long before the extant ballad versions began to be copied or printed in the mid-fifteenth century.
      • In particular, I really hated having to copy final versions out ‘in best’.
      • A third policeman - the one that had been sent to copy the tape - spoke up.
      • During Champlain's short-lived career as a teacher, her pupils learned to paint by copying her own versions of floral wreaths, Fancy, and Cupid.
      • Zhan Wang fashioned a reproduction of the meteorite, cast it in iron, then copied the iron version by pounding stainless steel sheets onto its surface.
      • This was the version actually copied by Qualtex.
      • We package this together on the DVD side and we are copying the edited version on the original VHS.
      • Every time I switch on the TV, I see someone copying a video I did, sometimes frame by frame.
      • The footage was accidentally erased a few days later after Garda technicians attempted to copy it onto video format, he said.
      • ‘Once the tapes have been copied, my solicitor will send them to top people in racing,’ he said.
      • After copying the tape, she gets her friend, Noah, involved.
      • No, copying the tape and passing it around isn't really what happens in the sequels.
      • I'm sure the tape will be extensively copied and distributed throughout the Norwegian police force - for training purposes, of course.
      • The tapes cannot be copied for commercial gain, he said.
      • As soon as is possible for me I will copy them and send them to you.
      • Users can copy video only from a PC, not directly from a television or DVD player.
      • Twenty-one percent had actually copied the newsletter and sent it to beef cattle producers in their county.
      • They are sponsoring legislation that will make it a felony ‘to use or attempt to use’ a video recording device to copy a film in a movie theater.
      • There is nothing better than watching us trying to reproduce and copy big money US network TV type shows.
      • This master tape is then copied and packed into special envelopes which are posted the following morning.
      • You'll have to accept the terms to continue at which point it will appear to be installing, but in actual fact the files are just being copied to the location you specified.
      • The final command copies the default configuration file to your home directory.
      • Once the ‘enhancement’ is accepted, an executable file named download.exe is copied to the system and executed automatically.
      • A quick example: suppose I've got some software that needs to copy a file from one computer to another.
      • Remember that any time a file is viewable, the file can be copied, e-mailed and otherwise compromised.

    • 1.2(photocopy)

      (letter/memo) fotocopiar

  • 2

    (passage/poem/notes) copiar
    to copy sth from sb copiarle algo a algn
    to copy sth off sb copiarle algo a algn
    to copy sth from sth copiar algo de algo
    to copy sth out of sth copiar algo de algo
    • You'd copy out the relevant information and present it for the teacher.
    • They had asked me to climb on and read the information so they could copy it down.
    • Not what I wanted to hear after copying the names of about one crore hundred people.
    • My sister's a Special Ed teacher, so she had one of her students copy a letter I wrote.
    • But you know what you could do is go to the site, copy the mathematical information and then just cut a piece of wood in the same shape!
    • ‘Excellent,’ Mr. Lively praised, too copying the information onto the board.
    • They checked our week-old paperwork from a previous inspection in Los Roques and decided just copying the information was sufficient.
    • The discovery of two inkwells and a plastered table and bench strongly suggested that one of the rooms was a scriptorium, a room set apart for writing or copying manuscripts.
    • The other pilot would be responsible for maintaining an instrument scan and copying information from the crewman.
    • Even those monks who spent their days copying manuscripts could barely read or understand them.
    • I'll write the curriculum onto the blackboard - of course in French - and it would be advisable if you copy the information.
    • They learn to copy a formula written on a blackboard.
    • She gave it a rest & bent down to copy important information on genes.
    • Morse did not allow the students to copy information directly into their reports from the sources they had studied.
    • She sits down and instructs the students to begin to copy the notes written on the overhead.
    • It's as if he read the title, copied one of the figures, and didn't pay any attention at all to the conclusions of the paper, which contradict what he claims.
    • After I wrote it, I copied it onto another piece of paper really quick so I could write it down in my diary.
    • If his written submissions were written for or copied by him, it is unlikely that orally he could improve on them.
    • I read over and copy them, trying not to miss a few words.
    • Ali rolled her eyes, imagining being ordered to read and copy chapters about having proper posture.
  • 3

    • 3.1(imitate)

      (painter/singer) copiarle a
      (style/behavior) copiar
      • I like when people have original styles that aren't copied from anyone else.
      • Behaviors and ideas copied from person to person by imitation - memes - may have forced human genes to make us what we are today.
      • They were just behaviours, ideas and stories that were copied from one person to another in the long history of human attempts to understand the world.
      • The style of the show is obviously copied from the CBS program 60 Minutes.
      • It seems likely that one sculpture is copied from the other, or that both were copied from an ‘original’ flogging sculpture.
      • The ornate drawing room ceiling at now-disused Whinburn School is copied from a design at 17th-century East Riddlesden Hall, it has been revealed.
      • The design, which was copied from a Yorkshire Evening Press photograph and was made up of 1,500 carpet bedding plants, had to be completed in time for the Festival.
      • He said there ‘may or may not’ be any scientific basis for the tests, which he said had been copied from the US without analysis of their efficacy.
      • It is copied from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
      • A row has blown up over suggestions that a high-profile attempt to rebrand a Yorkshire city was simply copied from a similar campaign thousands of miles away.
      • No, of course they won't be copied from traditional moko, they will reflect my own ancestry, the signs and symbols of a Scottish clan.
      • All the tunes and dances of many of the movies are copied from the folk art forms - songs and dances of this region with which the children are well versed.
      • Everything that was new and modern came from the US or was copied from the US and it continued that way up until The Beatles.
      • Liam isn't copied from any individual but his fictional life and the dilemmas he confronts are informed by what we found.
      • This sort of enamel work on a faceted metal body was copied from the enamelled European watches.
      • The design was copied from an English home and was built in stone imported from Bath.
      • Techniques were copied from America - for example, by the French Baron Mackau, who plastered Paris with a reputed two million posters for an election in 1889.
      • At least another stylist cops to copying 2001: A Space Odyssey.
      • Skip James' eerie, dark and complex tunings and netherworldly falsetto have never been equaled nor adequately copied in 74 years.
      • Actually, we copied and improved English copyright law.

    • 3.2(plagiarize)


verbo intransitivo copies, copying, copied

  • 1

    (children/candidates) copiar
    I was caught copying off Jack me pescaron copiándole a Jack
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  • 3

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    • You copy, Minnie.