Translation of copyedit in Spanish:


corregir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑpiˌɛdət/

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transitive verb

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    • Whoever copy-edited the manuscript should perhaps be looking for a new career.
    • When a book has been handed in, the manuscript is copy-edited, then it's typeset into something called unbound galleys.
    • That's no big job, but if you are copy-editing a book and need to make words in boldface hundreds of times each hour, a macro to do this can save you a lot of time.
    • I suspect, too, that Yoda is copy-editing one or two web sites that publish in ‘English’.
    • For real copy-editing junkies Walsh runs a web site.
    • I hope it's not the case that the NYT copy-editing guide has lost sight of this problem.
    • People want to quibble about what word was used and what word might have been changed, but all stories are copy-edited at a newspaper.
    • Petal is being copy-edited while my eyes unblur.
    • When that week's Time Out appeared it had been carefully copy-edited.
    • I've also got to copy-edit the MirrorMask script book today, write the MirrorMask novella, and do several other things I've promised people.
    • Direct quotations are poorly copy-edited and sometimes comprehend unmarked ellipses that alter their interpretation.
    • We professional writers know that between the time we submit something and it appears in press, it is massaged, edited and copy-edited, and with all the professionalism in the world mistakes sometimes slip in.
    • The editors Casey Miller and Kate Swift homed in on the problem in 1970 when they copy-edited a junior high school sex education manual and were troubled by the use of masculine pronouns (his, him) throughout.
    • With an idiocy that may seem almost incredible, the many examples of this had been carefully copy-edited to make them conform to the usual conventions of printed academic prose, ruining their whole point.
    • Not only were there more exhibitors this year offering a range of over-the-counter facilities - copy-editing, proof-reading, designing, printing and marketing - but the sales pitch was aggressive and confident.
    • For a final check, some editors suggest having the manuscript professionally copy-edited.
    • He worked with Anne Cronin to edit his story down to 13 panels, and the text for those got a standard copy-edit.
    • Tasks include line-editing, copy-editing, proofreading, research, promotional activities, and writing book reviews for our ‘Received and Noted’ section.
    • It looks really classy and has a new foreword which was written (although not copy-edited or proofread) by me.
    • Yeah, I was doing the final copy-edit and some innocuous passages suddenly became sinister.

intransitive verb

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