Translation of copyist in Spanish:


copista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑpiɪst/ /ˈkɒpɪɪst/

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    copista masculine, feminine
    • Cantillon employed clerks in his bank - professional copyists and document preparers - who could have made copies in their spare time.
    • It of course took quite some months to copy a book, but a skilled copyist could manage a document much more quickly.
    • He was much favoured by the king, who directed that all his grand motets should be copied by the court copyists.
    • Modifying the medium does not insulate the copyist, and a copy of the overall pattern or ‘look and feel’ of the work has also been held as an infringement.
    • He returned to Macao, where he painted English nabobs and Chinese officials, employing Chinese assistants as copyists, and made thousands of further drawings.
    • Berns studied classical piano as a child, and worked as a record salesman, music copyist and session pianist in his teens and twenties.
    • The inclusion of so many annotations does not sit easily with the view that these books were commissioned from professional copyists.
    • At the period just preceding the advent of Bartleby, I had two persons as copyists in my employment, and a promising lad as an office-boy.
    • Although she had been a teacher, when the Civil War started, she was one of a handful of women employed by the US government as a copyist in the US Patent Office in Washington.
    • Music copyists have the often thankless job of transcribing the composer's score and ongoing edits to new playable scores.
    • Masten points to the collaborative nature of texts produced by the Elizabethan theatre, combining the work of several writers with revisions by copyists and others, not to mention improvisations by actors.
    • It is possible to suspect that at some stage a copyist or editor misread ‘ease’ as ‘cure’ (easy to do, in fact, in Coleridge's hand).
    • A copyist who believed in the authority of what he was copying (or of the abbot for whom he was working!) is likely to have been more careful.
    • Many who were less talented at writing entered the world of publishing as editors, calligraphers, copyists, or proofreaders.
    • The recipes probably come from many different sources, some no doubt inserted by cooks and copyists who worked with earlier versions of the text.
    • Their copyist also annotated the printed pages of the partbooks in a neat, careful hand, correcting some of its many misprints.
    • Europe was ransacked for copies of the long unused Latin classics and copyists multiplied them.
    • He, it transpires, was formerly the friend of the composer's copyist, who in turn discovered the journal describing the South Sea islanders while working for the composer.
    • The copyist records the date he completed making the copy, also 1373, and the place in which he made the copy which is Mount Qasyun in Damascus, Syria.
    • Schöffer was a copyist and calligrapher, who used his skills in copying manuscripts to design, compose, and set the printed text.