Translation of copyread in Spanish:


corregir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑpirid/ /ˈkɒpɪriːd/

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transitive and intransitive verb

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    • Further, someone still has to copyread these agreements - and that someone is still going to be you.
    • This type of work can range from copyreading a text for flow and proper grammar to substantive editing.
    • That the yearbook staff failed to copyread the whole thing before sending it to the printer is inexcusable.
    • At her present pace, in a few short years Mai should be ready to copyread each edition of Human Rights for Workers before I publish it on the Web.
    • It also doesn't seem, to me, like the essay was copyread or proofread.
    • Textbooks have been translated from the authentic national textbooks by the principal, and copyread by foreign teachers.
    • The only caveat I think is that a man who has created a story to the extent of having written or rewritten it should not copyread it as well.
    • Articles written in English or Czech are not corrected by the editors and should therefore be submitted in a copyread version.
    • I have a good handle on the English language, and have had previous experience editing and copyreading other people's work.
    • The bibliography is being revised, copyread, proofread, and updated.
    • Instruction will focus on techniques of gathering and reporting news; on skills of editing, copyreading, and proofreading; and on the techniques for designing newspaper pages.
    • She copyread all the greats over the years.
    • Each Tuesday afternoon, production team members copyread & design using the computer, and produce graphics.
    • Do not sacrifice your credibility by neglecting to copyread; It really goes a long way.
    • Participants to the said competition totaled 910, with 65 competitors in each of the seven categories: news writing, feature writing, editorial writing, sports writing, copyreading and headline writing, editorial cartooning and photojournalism, both in English and Filipino.