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ménsula, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔrbəl/ /ˈkɔːb(ə)l/

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    ménsula femenino
    • Bradford planning authority could legitimately have insisted that for part of such a high-profile city centre development the walls should be natural stone, with natural stone corbels supporting the guttering.
    • Then we added cornices, corbels, ceiling roses and two custom built crystal chandeliers.
    • There is more carving on the wall panels, pews and pulpit, the ceiling has fine reliefs, and the corbels supporting the beams have curious carvings, including angels with musical instruments.
    • Where it meets the tower, the bridge deck is supported on corbels cast into the legs.
    • Your mantle should be firmly attached to the wall prior to adding the corbels.
    • The hall remains open to its 18m high, sweet chestnut roof, which is of kingpost construction with wooden corbels carved as human figures, said to represent people who worked on the manor.
    • The company can also supply corbels, brackets, pilasters, columns and fireplaces.
    • They are found on the exterior of gothic buildings often in combination with other grotesque and marginal sculpture on corbels and parapets, which are sometimes also mistakenly called gargoyles.
    • On a lighter note I am looking forward to another bank holiday - we will be touring the salvage yards of the northeast this weekend looking for antique corbels, floorboards, doors, fireplaces, architraves, door handles etc.
    • The money saved by this discipline can be spent on leaded glass windows, corbels and chimney pots - exterior design elements that add to a home's curb appeal and value.
    • Applewhite used tile payers, a sturdy arbor made of recycled timbers, and a pair of antique, hand-carved corbels to give the patio character.
    • This unusual fourteenth-century Green Man is to be found on a corbel high on the north wall inside Pinchbeck church.
    • These features are also shared with marginal sculptures of predominantly secular subject matter, such as several quatrefoils from the west portals of Amiens Cathedral and figural corbels from Noyon.
    • With a thickness of 12 inches, the arch features a decorative keystone and double corbels, outlined by antique glazing on a white lacquer base.
    • He said the beams that hold the lantern itself rest on corbels which have also been substantially eroded over time.
    • Craftsmen have also completed the conservation of a series of carved corbels, some depicting mythical beasts and animals, positioned on the palace walls.
    • In the teeming temples of the mother goddesses Vindya Vashini, Kali Koh and Ashtapuja we again saw corbels carved like human women with wings.
    • The fourteenth-century church at Harlaxton contains an interesting font, and several corbels depicting Green Men.
    • It can also be seen below the angel corbels in the chancel at Ewelme.
    • The front door and shutters are copper, oxidized to match the posts and corbels.