Translation of cordially in Spanish:


cordialmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrdʒəli/ /ˈkɔːdɪəli/


  • 1

    (welcome/greet) cordialmente
    • All parishioners are cordially invited to attend the function to show thanks to a great cleric.
    • Members of the press are cordially invited to attend this session.
    • They walked into the dining room and were greeted cordially by everyone.
    • Whoever wishes to participate is cordially welcome.
    • I took up my work with enthusiasm and optimism, and was cordially welcomed by the civil servants.
    • I noticed that they addressed each other cordially.
    • People have treated me very cordially, they've been very friendly and supportive towards me.
    • One important rule of etiquette is to treat guests cordially and hospitably.
    • I would like to cordially thank you for your kind letter.
    • The management cordially welcomes you to the hotel.
  • 2

    (dislike/hate) cordialmente
    • According to union officials, the foreman was quite cordially disliked by the employees under his supervision.
    • He had come cordially to dislike the aggressive, arrogant militarism he had seen in Berlin.
    • The army cordially returned his hostility.
    • I confidently predict that this building in forty years will be an even greater slum than the building it has replaced, and that it will be cordially hated by all who work in it.
    • It's a quick way to become cordially loathed and poison people against all their ideas.
    • Everyone knew the president's son was cordially disliked by the army.
    • No proceedings were therefore brought against the high-ranking army officers so cordially detested by the intellectuals.
    • There were times in the 1980s when both princesses were cordially disliked, their every act criticised in the press.
    • The Vatican cordially despised them, but it co-operated with them.
    • I always assumed he would have despised me and I cordially despised him in return.