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cordón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔrdn/ /ˈkɔːd(ə)n/

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    cordón masculino
    a police cordon un cordón policial
    • Following the discovery, police threw a cordon round the area and set up a 24-hour guard to protect the site.
    • Soldiers forming a cordon around the police station became involved, and a wall was demolished by a British tank as they struggled to ‘collect’ the men, the MoD said.
    • Police set up cordons around the area and closed the lower end of the High Street while firefighters began carrying out their investigations.
    • Two ambulances, a fast response car and three fire engines attended the scene and six police officers helped cordon off the area.
    • And six police officers helped cordon off the area to keep the public safe.
    • Dozens of people living in Cromwell Road in the Maindee area of the town were told to leave their homes as a police cordon was thrown around the area early yesterday.
    • On the other side of the barricades and police and army cordons were the protesters, who had travelled overnight from all over Ireland.
    • They covered their mouths with black tape and tried to approach the courtroom before a cordon of police officers turned them away.
    • The protesters were met at the factory gates by a cordon of police officers, and around 500 people were arrested.
    • The alert was only lifted after Mr Neale turned up at the cordon line and asked police why they were so interested in his car.
    • Yards away, police officers manned a cordon around the house, and tarpaulins hung over the charred first floor window where firefighters are thought to have made the discovery of the bodies.
    • This morning the only activity was a lone postman making his way along the street, and a couple of residents who came out to chat to police officers manning the cordon.
    • Some 20 minutes later a cordon of 40 more police officers surrounded the marchers to protect them in preparation for the march.
    • Miami riot police threw up a cordon around the home and fanned out across the city.
    • Tourists took pictures as the banners and flags filed past police cordons; curious onlookers gazed from hotel balconies.
    • The cordon of police in front of us tried to prevent more protesters from joining those who blocked the entrances to the Convention Center.
    • The area was not evacuated because police believed the site cordon was ample and there was no ‘immediate danger’.
    • Smoke and flames were visible over a wide area and police mounted a cordon in Yarwood Street, near the main entrance to the shop.
    • Search specialists and sniffer dogs were also deployed as police extended the cordon to more than 300 metres from the deserted bus.
    • But police cordons delayed his evacuation to a hospital, and he died a few hours later.