Traducción de corduroy en español:


pana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔrdəˌrɔɪ/ /ˈkɔːdərɔɪ/ /ˈkɔːdjʊrɔɪ/

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  • 1

    pana femenino
    corderoy masculino América del Sur
    cotelé masculino Chile
    • Whether it's cotton, corduroy (thin or thick ridges) or velour, a blazer will help you blaze any trail with the utmost of style.
    • Any fabric works for this delightful treat: denim, corduroy, cotton, or if you are feeling slightly daring, some PVC or leather.
    • Scraps of cloth were saved up for quilting - any sort of cotton, corduroy, knit or synthetic fabric was free.
    • Biyan still used paper/crispy cotton for fabrics, along with knits, chiffon, recycled denim, corduroy, twill and linen.
    • But, again, if you have chosen a cotton flannel as lining or cotton corduroy, then wash and dry that fabric as well.
    • The plush fabrics used throughout the room, such as corduroy and velvet, perform a similar function.
    • The mound of dirty clothing just keeps piling up until your hamper is overflowing and a sea of denim, cotton and corduroy forms a carpet on the floor of your bedroom.
    • My own cats are partial to upholstery velvet and corduroy.
    • If stripes aren't your style, experiment with other casual fabrics, such as cotton duck, denim, and corduroy.
    • Silk is also available in other weaves such as velvet and corduroy.
    • This wardrobe is much more casual, with pants and shirts being the mainstay, plus a great casual coat in one of my all-time favourite fabrics, corduroy.
    • Capture both elements with this cotton corduroy cap from Hugo Boss - a perfect alternative to the conventional winter tuque.
    • For a less feminine look, simply select suede, leather, corduroy, denim or another masculine feeling fabric in a darker color.
    • The chalk type works best on flat surfaces while the wax version performs better on textured fabrics such as bouclé or corduroy.
    • Throw in some chiffon, washed corduroy and aged denim and get ready to join the grown up country set.
    • Considered a derivative of denim, corduroy is an extremely popular fabric for fall 2001, in pants and jackets.
    • Fabric runs the gamut from corduroy and wool to satin and lace.
    • A college boy inspired range of casual leisurewear which mixes denim, chino and corduroy with splashes of colour, such as orange, red and green.
    • Unionbay showed plenty of twill, corduroy and nylon pants.
    • With the abundance of fashionable fall jackets out there, from suede, to denim and corduroy, you'll have no option but to look hot.
  • 2corduroys plural

    pantalones de pana masculino
    pantalones de corderoy masculino América del Sur
    pantalones de cotelé masculino Chile
    • A wool or cotton crewneck or V-neck sweater, with your favorite jeans, corduroys or fitted five-pocket pants.
    • Unless you're going to work, do not wear a button-down shirt tucked into your corduroys.
    • Make sure to select a shirt that matches at least several jeans, corduroys or Dockers of yours.
    • Take note that these basic cuts apply to a wide range of pants, such as jeans, corduroys, chinos, dress pants, and khakis.
    • Beginning at the hem, cut the jeans or corduroys open along the inseam or the side seam.
    • Comfortable and stylish, you can wear this turtleneck with a stylish pair of beige or light brown corduroys, designer denims, or a dressy pair of flat-front slacks for a more formal occasion.
    • Finish off the look with a pair of gray, black or dark-blue designer jeans or beige/light brown corduroys, and a pair of rugged dark brown biker-inspired boots.
    • Whether you enjoy wearing a tailored suit, old jeans, khakis, or corduroys, we have the perfect shoes for you to step out in.
    • Dressed in a beige cardigan sweater, corduroys and rimless glasses, he exudes a polite, professorial air.
    • Opt for a clean-lined neutral color that can be worn with jeans, dressy pants, khakis, and corduroys.
    • Arthur was wearing corduroys and a long-sleeved tee shirt; he pulled on a warm wool sweater Marilyn had given him for his birthday a few weeks ago, and then his parka.
    • While corduroys are gaining popularity this season, you'd better get yourself a pair of dark blue jeans in time for fall.
    • He was always well dressed wearing handsome sweater vests with long sleeve shirts and matching corduroys.
    • At the Syracuse of my freshman year in 1967, everyone wore crewneck sweaters and corduroys to the football games at Archbold Stadium.
    • Designs for boys shift very little season to season, save for adding the choice of cargo pants to wide-wale corduroys and classic blue jeans.
    • Prices of corduroys, tuxedos and T-shirts had also doubled or tripled.
    • Madison joined us in the kitchen by the time I had the package open, dressed in my new corduroys and her black tank top.
    • There she picked out her light blue corduroys and a black blouse to match.
    • I shivered in my green, long sleeved shirt and black corduroys, staring up at the streetlights around the student parking lot, crushing my books against my chest.
    • I noticed he was wearing a white collared shirt and corduroys.