Translation of corduroy road in Spanish:

corduroy road

camino de troncos, n.


  • 1

    camino de troncos masculine
    • Our carriage jolted over the half-rotted corduroy road which traversed the swamp, and then climbed the long hill leading to the sawmill.
    • Two men, one carthorse, a towrope and a sledge piled high with manuka scrub to strew in the mud in front of us and make a temporary corduroy road, awaited us at Pohokura's slough of despond.
    • An alternative type, widely used in wooded swampy areas, is the corduroy road, made by felling trees to clear a path, splitting the trunks, and laying them transversely to form a corrugated roadway.
    • Historically, common practice was to lay down timbers to form a corduroy road bed.
    • Grant, 79 years before, had also remarked that corduroy roads had to be laid in order for his army to advance on Corinth, Mississippi.