Translation of corked in Spanish:


que huele y sabe a corcho, adj.

Pronunciation /kɔrkt/ /kɔːkt/


  • 1

    (wine) que huele y sabe a corcho
    • The paramount reason for the move away from cork is the problem of cork taint (or 'corked' wine).
    • Poor cork storage conditions can dramatically increase the incidence of corked wines.
    • There was not one undrinkable or corked bottle in the 60 I tasted.
    • One of the corked wines would have been my favorite of the evening.
    • For the record, I have never had a corked screwcap wine.
    • It is confusing for servers who have some customers drink and some return corked wines.
    • Once you have smelled and tasted a corked wine, it becomes a fairly easy problem to recognize.
    • Along with screwcaps and plastic corks, these glass closures are another solution to the wretched problem of corked wines.
    • One time, while eating at one of the outlets of a famous Chicago restaurant group, I got a badly corked bottle of Trimbach Riesling.
    • Corked glasses of wine are valiantly defended, and the diner is implied to be trying to cheat the restaurant.