Traducción de corn circle en español:

corn circle

círculo en los cultivos, n.


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    (de origen desconocido) círculo en los cultivos masculino
    • Driving back from a pub last night I spotted my first corn circle of the year.
    • Underneath the corn circle thriller sci-fi exterior, he's trying to project an underlying message of faith versus coincidence, one that should provoke discussion of the movie's depth after viewing.
    • A pub frequented by corn circle enthusiasts, including actors Goldie Hawn and her husband Kurt Russell, is at the centre of a canal feud.
    • We normally fill airtime in August by chasing UFOs, corn circles, squirrels that mate with rats or count songbirds in the back garden.
    • Then came the disappointing Signs, his film about - ooo-er! - corn circles, probably the least scary subject in the world.
    • The weird corn circles start to appear in other parts of the world and it suddenly seems as if the Waltons clan has strayed into the middle of a particularly fine episode of The X-Files.
    • This photograph apparently shows part of what was thought to be a corn circle left in a field high on a hill at Mochdre, near Prestatyn, which overlooks the A55 Expressway.
    • The world's first three-dimensional crop circle has been discovered deep in the English countryside, sparking the start of the corn circle season.