Traducción de corn dog en Español:

corn dog


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    salchicha frita rebozada con harina de maíz
    • It's rare, however, to see an American dish - apple pie, say, or the corn dog - exported elsewhere and rewired in a distinctively foreign way.
    • I had cheese curds (like fried cheese sticks), roasted corn, a corn dog and ice cream.
    • Totally absorbed by the moment he concentrated on, what to him was, the most important thing in the world - getting the right amount of mustard on his corn dog.
    • I spent all my money on food (a corn dog, lemonade, and two-entrée meal from Panda Express; I was really hungry).
    • You just devoured half my corn dog and now you're after even more food!
    • I am heading to the royal snack bar for a corn dog.
    • Emile shrugged and returned to the unidentifiable slop that was trying - and failing miserably - to pass itself off as a corn dog.
    • One person enjoyed a corn dog without the carb-laden exterior.
    • This was the first time in my life that I tasted a corn dog.
    • Imagine this if you would be so kind: you are walking down the street just minding your own business and you spot a corn dog on the ground.
    • On the left, John Kerry chats at the fair while balancing a corn dog in his hand.
    • It was routine to eat one corn dog, then half of the waffle fries, most of the mac & cheese, then the rest of the fries, followed by the second corndog and lastly the rest of the mac & cheese.
    • There, they are assured, the meal of choice is the Dog's Breath corn dog.
    • And for the junk food junkies there was soda, pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers, French fries and chips provided as well.
    • Go to the mall and gorge yourself on anything at the food court that comes on a stick: corn dogs, kabobs, caramel apples and Big Macs (I'm sure they'll put one on a stick if you ask).
    • Sometimes for days or weeks in a row they serve the same food, like macaroni, corn dogs, small burgers, and cheese pizza.
    • ‘She left what she thought was a sufficient amount of frozen food, like TV dinners, corn dogs and pizza bagel bites, in the freezer for the seven-year-old to microwave,’ Loomis said.
    • He's not into these things anymore; now he snacks on veggie burritos, soy corn dogs, and crackers with mustard and cheese.
    • And let me tell you that I consider macaroni and cheese, and frozen corn dogs heated in the oven as ‘cooking’.
    • So I did the only things I could… I washed clothes, made veggie corn dogs, read my roommate's People Magazine, and pondered the ultimate fallibility of mankind.