Translation of cornbread in Spanish:


pan de harina de maíz, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrnˌbrɛd/ /ˈkɔːnbrɛd/


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    pan de harina de maíz masculine
    • Any type of bread is great on your feeder tray or tossed on the ground - stale biscuits and bread, crusts, crackers, cornbread, pancakes, bagels, French toast - even doughnuts.
    • But whenever one of these classic New Orleans meals came with cornbread, it was the same sweet, yellow stuff I've always known: Northern-style.
    • Better to order the soulful steamed littleneck clams in a broth livened by chorizo sausage, with a clever hunk of grilled cornbread to sop up the juices.
    • Dinner consisted of beer, cornbread, a bit of cheese and tortilla chips.
    • Corn flour cannot be substituted for corn meal for cornbread, whereas corn meal cannot be substituted for corn flour for tortillas.
    • If you're interested in ham hocks, cornbread, southern funeral repasts, and the history of soul food, she's the expert.
    • You see - my dad can only cook so much - cereal, Chef Boyardee, meatloaf (surprisingly his meatloaf isn't that bad), tacos, and cornbread.
    • We were handed a bowl containing a square of white-corn cornbread soaking up the bacon-flavored pinto bean broth along with a cup of sweet, fresh buttermilk.
    • The goal was to have them for dinner tonight with some fresh slaw, a sweet corn salad, some good cornbread and beer.
    • I was so happy to eat biscuits and cornbread I nearly yelled ‘Yeehaw!’
    • Or as food ‘eaten all over the country, but with greater frequency in the South’, like cornbread and biscuits.
    • I prepared it the other night, coming home from work: I had cornbread on the mind and I wanted to use up a lonely head of broccoli that was feeling a bit neglected.
    • So cornbread has a special value to me, I call it ‘conversion bread’.
    • Southerners added their own slant with cornbread and grits.
    • The itty-bitty biscuits and cornbread muffins remain in fine form, so the arrival of the breadbasket here is something to anticipate.
    • The vadai masala, consisting of whole lentils, hot red chillies, onion, mustard seeds and cilantro, was quite crunchy - somewhere between cornbread and spicy falafel.
    • A thicker version is good on warm cornbread or pitas.
    • The winning dressing is a Southwestern mix of cornbread and chorizo.
    • Guests including Sharon Stone and Christina Aguilera were served southern comfort food including spareribs and cornbread.
    • The two finalists are as different as pastrami and cornbread.