Translation of corncob pipe in Spanish:

corncob pipe


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    pipa hecha con mazorca de maíz seca
    • Smoothing up the cob on a belt sander will leave you with an appearance very like those commercially made corn-cob pipes and give you some really nice looking floats.
    • No corn-cob pipe is fit for anything until it has been used at least a fortnight.
    • Many people believe that after consuming so much beer one lazy afternoon, one of our founding members became disoriented and misplaced his corn-cob pipe and asked his brethren if any of them had seen it.
    • I’d read of the recent modernization of the corncob pipe industry but never could have guessed what was in store for me.
    • Corncob pipes are very light and absorb nicotine and tar, and so will also color as you smoke.