Translation of cornucopia in Spanish:


cornucopia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɔrn(j)əˈkoʊpiə/ /ˌkɔːnjʊˈkəʊpɪə/

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    cornucopia feminine
    cuerno de la abundancia masculine
    • These were decorated using stencils and bronze powders (which were less expensive than paints) with motifs such as cornucopias, baskets of flowers, trailing vines, and a wide variety of decorative patterns.
    • Bring a cornucopia or other symbol of thanksgiving and photos of some of your friends, the children you meet, and members of the church family.
    • Bring the cornucopia or other symbol of thanksgiving that you used last week.
    • This subtle critique is best expressed by Horn of Plenty, an internally illuminated cornucopia that virtually drips with paper chains, charms, crystals and a strand of graduated pearls.
    • However, the cornucopia finial of the original has been replaced by a pink-tongued dragon.