Translation of corolla in Spanish:


corola, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈrələ/ /kəˈroʊlə/ /kəˈrɒlə/

Definition of corola in Spanish


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    corola feminine
    • In addition, experimental flowers that matured a fruit (and therefore received a visit) had significantly larger corollas compared with corollas of flowers that did not initiate a fruit.
    • From each plant one randomly chosen, fresh flower was dissected under a binocular microscope to separate the corolla, androecium and gynoecium.
    • As is now regarded as typical of bat-pollinated flowers, the corolla is sturdy and the nectary disk is large.
    • In contrast, pollinator observations demonstrated that hawk moths visited flowers with larger corollas, and that the probability of producing a fruit for natural pollination plants increased with corolla diameter.
    • The internal length of the flower corolla was measured from base to opening.