Translation of coronary thrombosis in Spanish:

coronary thrombosis

trombosis coronaria, n.


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    trombosis coronaria feminine
    • George VI, a heavy smoker, survived a major operation to remove his left lung but later succumbed to a blood clot which caused a coronary thrombosis - a blockage in the blood flow to the heart resulting in a fatal heart attack.
    • Acute pancreatitis is sometimes mistaken for a coronary thrombosis.
    • Spending 40 minutes hanging around at icy bus stops will thicken your blood, putting you at risk of coronary thrombosis, stroke, bronchitis and pneumonia.
    • Early the next morning he was found dead in bed of a coronary thrombosis.
    • Aspirin in low doses also acts as a blood thinning drug and is used to prevent clotting conditions in the arteries like coronary thrombosis.