Translation of corporate raider in Spanish:

corporate raider

tiburón (empresarial), n.


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    tiburón (empresarial) masculine
    • There were no corporate raiders, and profit maximization wasn't yet part of the boardroom vocabulary.
    • But despite the supportive noises from some stockbroker analysts, is O'Brien, once the hero of competition, turning into a corporate raider looking to relieve Eircom shareholders of their assets at a bargain-basement price?
    • Whether these deals are being done by corporations attempting to gain market share or the new, cash-rich, private equity corporate raiders hunting for undervalued companies, the end result is mergermania.
    • The New Zealand stock exchange - by now widely regarded as an uncontrolled playground for corporate raiders and financial speculators - had been particularly badly hit by panic selling.
    • While some of the high-cost craft workers might have to be retained to promote the craftsmanship in marketing the brand, a ruthless corporate raider would see off most of the manufacturing workforce with a statutory redundancy payment.
    • Most corporate raiders think one or two steps ahead.
    • Or maybe it makes it more difficult for a corporate raider to get sufficient insight into the value that could be extracted by intensive management and redevelopment of the property portfolio?
    • During all the years of doing battle, Hanson plc became an unwieldy giant, earning Lord Hanson the reputation as a ruthless corporate raider and a pioneer of the UK conglomerate.
    • Still, no one on Wall Street predicts a corporate raider will go after GM anytime soon - in part because most think its decline is far from over.
    • Oilman Boone Pickens, who came to prominence as an 1980s corporate raider, has bet big lately on rising oil prices - and won.
    • There are more than enough corporate raiders in the free market willing to take advantage of the vulnerability of African countries.
    • Carl Icahn, the former corporate raider, has turned into a shareholder champion.
    • When the sports magazine he's worked at for 20 years is taken over by a soulless corporate raider, he is demoted and his new boss is a 26-year-old hotshot played by Topher Grace.
    • Although some pension funds supported corporate raiders to dislodge ineffective managers, broad-based long-term investors lose more than they gain from takeovers.
    • Already the sicker specimens are being targeted by the corporate raiders who calculate the point at which their capital value is at a substantial discount to their assets.
    • Through the years, they have learned how to cope with corporate raiders; how to empower employees; how to develop incentives; how to adapt to the computer; and how to master new techniques of communication.
    • But corporate raiders went after strong companies as well as weak ones, and the threat of being eaten led strong ones to do things that weren't economically efficient.
    • These global corporate raiders are grabbing for our most essential public resource: water.
    • At worst, they're unethical corporate raiders who can lay waste to an entire office or division.
    • It seems to me that this is a classic set-up to rip off farmers' assets into the hands of corporate raiders.