Translation of corporate state in Spanish:

corporate state

estado corporativo, n.


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    estado corporativo masculine
    • Is this a slippery slope toward a corporate state in which our employers control everything we do?
    • I would argue that I don't live in a democracy but a corporate state.
    • With the freedom of the erstwhile colonies, the corporations and corporate states had to find a new means to dominate the world.
    • Rather than vanishing, the government becomes symbiotic with the corporations: a corporate state.
    • We live in a corporate state, and they control everything.
    • The aloof and pampered executives who run today's autocratic and secretive corporate states have effectively become our sovereigns.
    • Both are corporate states whose business structures, forged in industrial times, have proved wholly unsuited to the different demands of information societies.
    • The entire thrust of German policy since the 60s has been towards a corporate state.
    • Aside from Noam Chomsky's work as a linguist, he is a great critic of US foreign policy, the corporate state, and the media establishment.
    • The point is that no votes will take place at all, merely consultations within the corporate state.
    • I have believed for a long time that we are not living in a democracy, but in a corporate state.
    • The corporate state they are working to create is formally based on democratic rhetoric, constitutionalism, and free elections, but it is profoundly anti-democratic in practice.
    • The extent of corporate influence raises the question, to what extent are we living in a corporate state, and what might the implications be for democratic process and citizenship?
    • It just goes to show to what extent even freedom of speech has been thwarted in the corporate state we live in.
    • Somehow, the fates, or maybe evil geniuses in the corporate state, allocate money to some people and keep it away from others, to make people unequal and perpetuate an elitist system.
    • That's what we're up against: the corporate state.
    • Start where the public is; tie the corporate state mentality to local issues that your community cares about; I guarantee there are links.
    • It's one thing to document how the corporate state threatens each of us and the world as a whole; it's quite another level of achievement to lay out the ways to fight back.
    • Corporation and income taxes, he argues, prompted the creation of the final element in the corporate state.
    • The mainstream press takes a slant that's pro the corporate state because they are part of it.