Translation of corpse in Spanish:


cadáver, n.

Pronunciation /kɔrps/ /kɔːps/

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    cadáver masculine
    • Then for the next 8 hours during the second stage I evacuated corpses or dead bodies.
    • Lisa Morgan, 30, a legal secretary from Chatham, Kent, clung to a tree for six hours, surrounded by human corpses and dead animals.
    • He emphasizes that their dead bodies, their corpses, will fall in the wilderness.
    • They ran over the dead grass, now strewn with dead bodies and corpses.
    • He secured a job in a medical school morgue and did his earliest performances with dead animals and human corpses.
    • I realized today that, all week, I've been referring to the dead I've seen as bodies and corpses.
    • She looked back down at the corpses of the dead guards and the bodies of the unconscious guards.
    • We first saw a hand swinging in and out of the door and we thought we saw a dead corpse.
    • Von Hagens, who was born in 1945, is reported to have had a lively interest in the human body, particularly in corpses, since he was a child.
    • Therefore he has dug one small cove in the ice and has passed the night with the corpses of the six dead men.
    • I'm trying to eat my breakfast but I can see his corpse lying in a body bag on the glacier.
    • The records say he had some medical training but aside from carving up dead corpses, I never saw anything to indicate that it's true.
    • One night, while trying to get his friend Malik some free studio time, he stumbles upon the lifeless corpses of two dead bodyguards.
    • And he couldn't just leave her here either, since someone's bound to find the corpses of the dead gang members.
    • Medical personnel fear an outbreak of cholera and other contagious diseases if the bodies of the corpses are not cleared before they start decaying.
    • The commander quickly moved on without glancing twice at the dead corpses, hoping that he would not join them in battle.
    • Mourning families had been forced to keep the corpses of dead loved ones in their homes because there was no way undertakers could reach them.
    • Bushes lay crushed and we found countless corpses of animals that looked as if something had really torn into them.
    • A weeping elderly woman identified one of the corpses as her dead husband.
    • He raced away from the stunned group of men, staring at their dead comrades' burnt corpses.