Translation of corpus in Spanish:


corpus, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrpəs/ /ˈkɔːpəs/

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nounplural corpora, plural corpuses

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    corpus masculine
    the Tolstoy corpus la obra de Tolstoy
    • the corpus of Tolstoy's works la obra de Tolstoy
    • The entire corpus of Modern English prose has grown up since, and been influenced by, the works of Tyndale and Coverdale, and during the formative period of the early translations there was little other widely available reading matter.
    • This text is an important contribution to a growing corpus on a volatile subject that has generated studies in several disciplines.
    • Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species was not a bolt from the blue: it fitted naturally into, as well as transcending, a corpus of writing on evolution.
    • They deserve fuller annotation and analysis than the editor has provided, but are nevertheless welcome additions to the corpus of published epic texts.
    • That is the issue where attention to critical thought and the corpus of historical writing in general becomes crucial.
    • Some linguists have collected large corpora of written or spoken samples of a language, their frequency lists and studies of data made easier by computational processing.
    • To answer these questions, authentic learner data has been compared with native speaker data using computerized corpora and linguistic software tools to speed up the initial stage of the linguistic analysis.
    • The major data source for the linguist is not a corpus of attested utterances but a native speaker's intuitions.
    • A preliminary analysis of various vocabulary items based on the linguistic corpus obtained suggests that expected dialectical variation exists between and within communities.
    • Using a sample corpus of educational materials for the Spanish-speaking population, we show that this is indeed the case.
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    cuerpo masculine
    • The classical way anatomists divide the stomach (fundus, corpus, antrum, and pylorus) makes little sense in terms of motor function.
    • The former includes the fundus and the rostral two-thirds of the corpus, while the latter constitutes the rest of the corpus, the antrum, and the pylorus.
    • Within the stomach, the gastrostomy site should be in the middle to distal third of the corpus.
    • Chronic gastritis as well as activity was more prevalent as well as severe in the antrum as compared to the corpus.
    • We have tried to overcome this drawback by taking biopsy samples from the anterior as well as posterior walls in both the antrum and the corpus.
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    capital masculine