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corregir, v.

Pronunciación /kəˈrɛkt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (put right)
    (mistake/defect) corregir
    (exam/proofs) corregir
    (person) corregir
    to correct sb's eyesight/posture corregirle la vista/postura a algn
    • bad habits are difficult to correct es muy difícil corregir las malas costumbres
    • correct me if I'm wrong, but … perdón, pero yo creo que …
    • However, only one of the faults was corrected, it emerged yesterday.
    • Residents of neighbouring Brandon Grove are without electricity for two hours tonight while the fault is corrected.
    • How it has taken almost a month to correct whatever fault that has rendered the traffic lights at this dangerous junction inoperable is beyond me.
    • Engineers are very anxious to learn of its findings and to begin to correct the faults of the main water supply line from up north in New York State down to the City.
    • As contractors worked to correct the fault, commuters and business traffic faced long tail-backs and delays.
    • When I tried to get the seller to either correct the faults or refund me my money, he tried to brush me off.
    • Employers should check the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and correct any faults.
    • After determining the error, they use another series of pulses to correct the mistake.
    • Even the British Standards Institution has decided not to issue a press release to correct the misunderstanding.
    • It is necessary, at the outset, to correct some misconceptions about the issue of corruption.
    • This allows me to meet each student outside of lecture, correct misunderstandings, and catch errors in the forms.
    • Over time, the system tends to correct its own mistakes.
    • Mr. Arnold later published an erratum sheet correcting the error.
    • Phil has corrected some typos on those satellite photos.
    • I have now corrected the typo ‘missages’ in the last paragraph of my last post.
    • It is only right that a few myths and misunderstandings are corrected.
    • For this reason I do not have time to correct any typos or add links.
    • First, let us correct a mistake that was in our NFL preview issue.
    • Under the old system the Council was able to correct errors in an application by simply contacting the applicant.
    • She also corrects small misconceptions that have been propagated in the many existing potted biographies of Franklin.
    • I stand corrected by Justin, Arbiter of Absolute Truth in Minor Jokes.
    • Howard sips claret from a picnic hamper as he corrects other people's mistakes.
    • But I call upon any antepost dog experts in the audience to correct me if I'm mistaken.
    • He prided himself on, you know, correcting people, on knowing things like that.
    • If you make a mistake, you are corrected gently, and promptly in a helpful way.
    • But it was only during my recent tour of Europe that I realized how awkward it could be if you have to correct people again and again on where you are from.
    • I just don't like it, and normally correct people immediately.
    • I correct people all over the shop and I don't care what they think.
    • I am quick to correct the person and explain that I am definitely not on a diet.
    • At any rate, I now find myself in the position of being much like my friend, correcting people and scoffing at them behind their back.
    • I think it's funny to correct people when they're not necessarily wrong.
    • It's not my job to correct people who base themselves on misinformation.
    • Everyone referred to us a couple, and after awhile we didn't bother to correct people.
    • No child was corrected on the spot for mistakes committed during conversations.
    • He corrects him: it's not a set of laws, but a sense of the rule of law.
    • Karyn, thanks for correcting me back there as well.
    • I got a lot of messages correcting me about the color of wedding dresses.
    • By the way, for over 20 years I've called him Louis, and I'm now corrected.
    • Or maybe she corrected him in front of a customer.
    • I had originally thought it was Dutch, but a reader corrected me.
    • The proofreader then corrects the text and the editor looks through it again and makes the final changes.
    • We are grateful to J. Eckart for correcting the English text.
    • Though Ernst says he repeatedly offered to correct the text free of charge, his overtures were rejected.
    • As for the teacher who was correcting books when it took place, he was relieved no one was hurt in the school.
    • If at home, he is correcting the drafts of students, and burning the midnight oil.
    • It was tedious work and the more I corrected it and rewrote it, the more mistakes I found.
    • All of the exams are automatically set and corrected, which dramatically reduces the administration.
    • However, he also pointed out many people were unaware of the work of sub-editors, who corrected and improved copy.
    • The last thing a teacher wants to do while correcting mounds of tests is to spend time deciphering what a student has illegibly written.
    • Muriel meanwhile went into her office and started correcting some spelling tests from earlier that day.
    • The other was the plump man who had used the machine to correct his test.
    • The test is corrected automatically, and the results are sent to cardholders and program managers simultaneously.
    • Mr. Stilts waited patiently, correcting papers or tests at his desk.
    • After roll was done and all the students were accounted for the Professor started passing out the corrected tests.
  • 2 anticuado, eufemismo

    (child) corregir
    (criminal) castigar


  • 1

    (true, right)
    (answer/time/figures) correcto
    you're quite correct está usted en lo cierto
    • would I be correct in thinking/saying that … ? ¿estaría en lo cierto si pensara/dijera que … ?
    • are you Mr Clive Davis? —that's correct ¿es usted el señor Clive Davis? —el mismo
    • They were correct in their judgement not to rush into a quick decision in appointing the new man.
    • The Court of Appeal, in our opinion, was correct in applying the dicta of the Acting Chief Justice and did so without error.
    • If they were correct in their opinion, then the Constitution is on their side.
    • We are of the opinion that Mr Sheldon is correct in his submissions.
    • In my opinion, his Honour was correct in holding that it might be unconscionable to depart from those assumptions.
    • On that basis the Applicant is correct in calculating the children's entitlement as follows.
    • To the letter of the law, the judgement may well have been correct in Queensland law, despite a possibly harsh sentence.
    • It's not that I think his analysis is correct in every respect.
    • He is correct in what he is saying but then partnerships, synergy and leverage are common business tools.
    • He was correct in his approach here again, I think.
    • Both senators are correct in their respective positions.
    • Professor Diamond is correct in saying we should learn from history and avoid, if possible, repeating the same mistakes over again.
    • The Foreign Ministry is correct in its reasoning that the company appointed to destroy the missiles is an international one of some repute.
    • Okay, so he may have been correct in his criticism.
    • I think that the administration was correct in postponing it because of some due process concerns.
    • I think your comments are correct in general but wrong as to Holmes.
    • He is correct in pointing out that biodiesel is cleaner burning, but he is wrong to state that it is a newer technology.
    • Last week's decision to end the excessively generous superannuation benefits for MPs was correct in principle.
    • He said a report before a cabinet committee would indicate that the government was correct in saying it needed to be very careful about this.
    • This is what many of us wish could happen, and I suspect that Epstein may be correct in theory.
    • Without the ability to gather correct information and facts a free person cannot make decisions and choices.
    • The templates help ensure that the correct information is in fact recorded and stored.
    • They want to kill the messenger although he is speaking the truth and his facts are correct.
    • Utilising software to manage your accounts is also the best way to ensure that the books are correct and reliably free of errors.
    • Their criticism could in principle be correct, but in fact doesn't describe real scientists.
    • Unfortunately, there is no index, or references, and not all the historical facts seem correct.
    • Of cause, I thank Lisa for putting out the article, and they have done a great job to make sure the facts are correct.
    • I have always been under the impression that an author must have correct facts to back a story.
    • I do, however, believe that the debate would be more productive if the initial facts were correct.
    • I am sure his facts are correct regarding the problems which occurred last year.
    • Improved access to information about the correct site would minimize the risk of error.
    • Not that what we are seeing is all true or even mostly true, but the basic facts are correct.
    • Just make sure you use the correct facts before you say them.
    • That decision, as I shall endeavour to explain in due course, may well have been correct on its facts, but in my view it is of no assistance to the defendant in the present case.
    • If errors are detected, provide the assessment authorities with the correct information as soon as possible.
    • The correct nutrition facts are now on all one pound containers being produced.
    • This perception is correct, because statistical errors are common.
    • I know that many of them are lying, but some of the facts were correct.
  • 2

    (manners/dress/language) correcto
    he's always very correct siempre es correctísimo / muy correcto
    • Please co-operate by only depositing the correct recyclables in the appropriate containers.
    • Gone is the need to manually set the VCR whilst separately ensuring the cable box is on the correct channel at the appropriate time.
    • When the library receives a media request from an application, it mounts the appropriate cartridge to the correct drive.
    • Therefore the choice of the correct or appropriate mode of internationalization or market entry is strategically important.
    • Survivability may hinge on the use of the correct technique appropriate to the environment you are fighting in.
    • So by combining the correct number of the appropriate ions an electrically neutral compound is produced.
    • Voters were redirected where appropriate to their correct polling places.
    • Here is where the real-time requirements become critical for correct game operation.
    • Hopefully, this will help you in getting a better understanding of the situation and making the correct decision.
    • The jacket and trousers are the correct length and it's good quality.
    • They can also have to go to great lengths to source the correct fabric for a period.
    • When you discuss any type of a response to a violent encounter, you need to think in terms of using the correct tool for the situation.
    • Always make sure that the spark plug is the correct length for the engine.
    • Once you've got a rough idea of where you want everything to go, measure up your tubing and cut yourself the correct lengths.
    • Once the length is correct and your boot snaps into the binding correctly, setting everything else is easy.
    • The correct length of a buttonhole is determined by the diameter, thickness and type of button used.
    • Start with trying to find the loft that's right for you, along with the correct shaft flex and length.
    • To get the correct arrow length, use a long arrow and draw the bow to full draw.
    • I strongly suggest you do a mock install to properly measure the correct tubing length, and to make sure everything properly fits.
    • In all truth, using the correct anchor is only important if you don't want to drift away.
    • Therefore, while we are not always to blame for their behavior, we are correct to feel responsible.
    • He is the fountain-head of good manners and correct social behaviour as well as the ultimate spiritual and ethical guide.
    • In a normal society something like Hooke's Law would operate on them as they veered out of the groove of correct behaviour.
    • These phrases are a demand that individuals submit to a code for correct behaviour.
    • Just as Paul saw himself as exemplifying the correct behaviour, so also he saw himself as the model of exertion.
    • Dr Arderne gives advice on medical procedures, cures and potions and correct deportment for doctors.