Translation of correction in Spanish:


corrección, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (of defect)
    corrección feminine
    so you'll take responsibility for it — correction, he will! así que tú te responsabilizas — nada de eso, la responsabilidad es suya informal
    • Poll workers must immediately make corrections if errors are found.
    • I am very grateful to counsel for the many corrections of numerous inaccuracies.
    • It deals with facts rather than judgments; in journalistic usage, a correction sets right an inaccuracy.
    • It is totally acceptable to make corrections to errors or additions if some new information arises.
    • I gratefully acknowledge the corrections of errors by Poole and Black.
    • We have adopted this policy to leave a trail of errors and corrections.
    • Even with these corrections, major changes need to occur to improve our health system and address the above problems.
    • The correction of technical errors should clearly be part of professional standards of practice.
    • It was there that he first reflected on the spelling reforms and planned corrections to the translations of the sacred books.
    • For the record I welcome corrections as the only thing worse than being in error is remaining in error.
    • For starters, if an error is made, request a correction.
    • They didn't note that they had made such a correction, of course, because admitting error is beneath them.
    • If someone with more knowledge in this area sees an error, I would be delighted to post a correction.
    • He then will improve on the cut for about a month after that - making little corrections and improvements.
    • I made all the corrections and changes he wanted and took his advice very seriously so he came to trust me.
    • It was dismissed on all grounds subject to minor alterations and corrections.
    • Errors in the original data were sometimes detected and corrections were made accordingly.
    • If you find an error, you are welcome to suggest a correction.
    • John has sent me corrections and they have been incorporated into that day's entry within brackets.
    • The author of the article wishes to make the following corrections since publication.
    • The key to this process is continuous correction of the output system by signals representing detected errors of the output, known as ‘negative feedback’.
    • It drove his boss and his junior editors insane when he dropped a 10 inch thick printed copy onto their desks with red marks and slashes all over the place for correction in the word processing system.
    • Surely neither need accuse the other of being seriously flawed because of some deficiency that is already in process of correction.
    • For if we are right, clearness of utterance forwards the cause of right; while if we are wrong, it ensures the speedy correction of error.
    • It will then move on to digital cameras and photography, fashion and model photography, scanning, colour correction, photo and text special effects, computer practicals.
    • But almost every film, commercial, pop promo and TV drama will undergo some form of colour correction, though often it's so subtle the audience isn't even aware of it.
    • I did some colour correction in the running sequence so that one of the streams didn't seem to have less cyan in it than the other two.
    • Each of us come to this world to achieve enlightenment, growth, correction and transformation.
    • The authors make one statement that needs correction.
    • As the assessment is a continuous and integrative process, the student gets sufficient time for correction.
    • Efforts aimed at ensuring data collection, correction of data and technical errors as well as engaging in re-engineering of processes and procedures would continue, he added.
    • Furthermore, direct correction and coaching have very little effect, showing the important role of the child's own efforts.
    • To gather experiences by acting in constant attentiveness and openness to correction and further development, this is spiritual liveliness.
    • Current premium levels will not cover anticipated losses without major correction.
    • There is no self-adjustment or correction - only augmentation.
    • A simplistic ‘we are right and they are wrong’ theology rules out self-reflection and correction.
    • The system, while certainly not immune to boom and busts, at least had a mechanism of self-regulation and correction.
    • Thinking leaves us open to correction and growth, to continuing to see our horizons expanded and our lives transformed.
  • 2 dated, euphemistic

    correctivo masculine
    house of correction correccional
    • Its prisons and correction facilities release convicted criminals when they have served their sentence.
    • The prison was then meant as punishment, not correction, the head of one of the six jails in the prison complex said.
    • This report helped to generate a great reform movement, substituting correction for punishment, at least in theory.
    • Thus, by the early 1900s a type of correction - corporal punishment - once viewed as unambiguous was increasingly coming to be questioned.
    • But they also need discipline in the negative sense of correction and punishment for wrongdoing.
    • This bureau should shoulder the responsibility for all the criminal correction and criminal prevention affairs.
    • Rather than correction, punishment was the major purpose.
    • On the contrary, correction and rehabilitation were aimed at protecting the safety and security of the public.
    • The couple is accused of killing a corrections officer in last week's brazen courthouse escape.
    • The nation has only one prison run by a state agency other than a corrections department.
    • The national average for corrections spending is less than one billion per year.