Translation of correctional in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kəˈrɛkʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ /kəˈrɛkʃənl/


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    correctional institution correccional
    • correctional regime sistema penitenciario
    • The prison's chief correctional supervisor and its warden had written separate memos within four days of the murder.
    • It runs 56 correctional institutions and detention centres, including four Australian gaols.
    • In prison, correctional staff members do not normally negotiate with inmates to get them to cooperate.
    • He also worked as a counselor at a juvenile correctional detention centre.
    • Disease cases and death rates among inmates in prisons and other correctional institutions are often ten times higher than in the general population.
    • The vehicle bringing Luke and three other prisoners to a correctional Southern prison is reflected in the mirror-lens sunglasses of one of the guards.
    • Costs are even higher in states with higher wages for correctional staff and medical personnel.
    • Control participants received no intervention in prison other than usual correctional programming.
    • His résumé is a testament to his dedication to psychology in correctional institutions.
    • Often there were interruptions from correctional officers and other jail staff.
    • The duty of care owed by correctional officers to take steps to protect the inmates is a reasonable one.
    • After 21 years in the correctional system, he was released into the community.
    • She greets fellow correctional officers and inmates alike as she walks in and out of classes, workshops and prison pods.
    • The program teaches gardening to young inmates in juvenile correctional facilities.
    • His false accuser landed 23 months in a correctional institution.
    • That weakens the most effective protection against abuse in the prison and correctional system, which is the ability to seek damages.
    • If this technology can be applied to regular companies, it could easily be applied to our correctional institutions.
    • Now aged 21, the man served six years and five months in correctional institutions.
    • One of my friends is a correctional officer in a state prison.
    • Hundreds of interviews were conducted with inmates as well as correctional services staff.