Traducción de correctly en español:


correctamente, adv.

Pronunciación /kəˈrɛktli/ /kəˈrɛk(t)li/


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    she had assumed, quite correctly as it turned out, that they would attend resultó que no se había equivocado al suponer que asistirían
    • Most of them actually quoted me — correctly, too.
    • However, the figures do have to be interpreted correctly.
    • In the end, I picked a respectable 7 out of 10 correctly.
    • Then he must be certain they are positioned correctly on the field.
    • I believe the board is handling the matter correctly.
    • The main issue confronting the Court was whether the Commission correctly dismissed the complaint.
    • The word "American" isn't even spelled correctly.
    • The Court of Appeals, however, decided the case correctly.
    • The economy of a region was either prosperous or deficient depending on their being correctly orientated.
    • The icons for the two fielded Navy systems were correctly matched to descriptors approximately half the time.
    • Science questions often consist of interpreting a graph or a chart correctly rather than knowing anything about chemical properties or physical laws.
    • She never stopped moving, which William correctly attributed to the need to keep her muscles warm.
    • Participants with inadequate health literacy were less likely to correctly answer every question, with significant differences noted for 5 of 10 items.
    • For an example of how to do this type of thing correctly, look at the original.
    • Thus, most of the respondents in the two samples answered correctly, but the Germans answered significantly more correctly.
    • When I got through to the last round I had to answer five questions correctly to win the new car.
    • I can never spell that word correctly.
    • A nurse teaches Charlie the correct spelling of "progress report," and he makes an effort to spell it correctly through the rest of his entry.
    • XML is a markup language and everything has to be marked up correctly.
    • He was then asked ten general knowledge questions and, in order to go through to the next stage, he had to correctly answer seven out of the ten questions.