Translation of corridor in Spanish:


pasillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrədər/ /ˈkɔrəˌdɔr/ /ˈkɒrɪdɔː/

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  • 1

    (in building, train)
    pasillo masculine
    corredor masculine
    • We took train rides to backwater stations in carriages with compartments and corridors.
    • A scream had echoed all along the passenger corridor, waking everyone.
    • Classrooms, corridors, the dining room and the staff offices are filled with pictures.
    • The building itself, however, was a solid concrete structure of staircases, landings and corridors with many rooms leading off them.
    • The people live in dungas, pre-fab buildings, typically a corridor with six rooms off each side.
    • The rectangular building has a corridor running from the entrance hallway with double doors to the drawing room.
    • The building itself was a fantastic old house, hidden doorways leading to twisted corridors leading to huge rooms leading to further rooms leading to more corridors.
    • He led her through a winding maze of corridors and dressing rooms.
    • He led them out of the reception hall and down the corridor to a small room on the left.
    • Across the corridor, the dining room has patio doors out to the south-facing rear garden.
    • At first I was determined, striding down passages and exploring new corridors and rooms I found.
    • Her measured footsteps lead her through a corridor to a large room, complete with a fireplace.
    • The words we speak help to build a kind of inner dwelling, plotting out the psyche's suite of rooms and corridors and courtyards, its stairways, arbours, spots of sun and shade.
    • In school corridors and front rooms up and down the country tears of joy and despair were shed this morning.
    • Some of them, apart from the burial chamber, contain a corridor and other rooms.
    • She's walking through the corridors of the Engineering building when he sees a man standing in a car in front of the building.
    • All 17.5 miles of corridors inside this building are empty.
    • The old building's narrow corridors, stairs and lifts were intended to be similar to those of ships.
    • The works consist of building a new corridor linking the main building to the disused Telephone Exchange in the rear yard.
    • The floor was an amazing array of confusing hallways, corridors, and rooms.
    • This will mean no more steps at the entrance, wider corridors, wider doors and a toilet downstairs.
    • He dashed out of the classroom and down the corridor to the music room.
  • 2

    (strip of land)
    corredor masculine
    the Polish Corridor el corredor de Danzig
    • corridor coach vagón (de pasajeros) con pasillo
    • She noted the importance of wildlife or movement corridors to link established parks with untouched wilderness areas.
    • The plan would link existing wilderness and natural areas with wildlife travel corridors to enable large predators and other animals to migrate.
    • Humanitarian personnel and corridors must be much more effectively protected.
    • They can also be found along river corridors and throughout forested areas of Washington.
    • The effort was part of a long-term project to enhance the Chapman River by providing flora and fauna corridors linking areas of remnant vegetation.
    • The two sites are important wildlife corridors and the last patch of rainforest in Redland.
    • Protection of wooded river corridors and other isolated tree groves, especially in arid areas, is important for their local survival.
    • Environmentalists and developers have been fighting over how to establish functional wildlife corridors in the Bow Valley for over a decade.
    • At the same time, urban parks were seen as ecological reserves, acting as floodplains, wildlife corridors, or natural habitats.
    • These would not be simply rail lines; they would be development corridors, which would be high-speed transportation.
    • Planning for Auckland's motorways and public transport corridors was done 40 years ago, in 1963.
    • The total would also include 6.5 million acres of wildlife corridors and 1,800 miles of river designated as wild and scenic.
    • So, we do need large arteries, not just of highways, but arteries of corridors of transportation and development.
    • The group is currently working on gaining protection for the lands and developing corridors that suit species from big cats to tiny voles.
    • And that is another reason for the breadth of the corridor between the national parks.
    • There are a number of transport corridors and oil pipelines that are in the process of development to serve this function.
    • What's needed, they say, is a national land-use policy that will simply forbid human encroachment on wildlife corridors.
    • The Council discounted several land corridors that were home to the fern because it believed the bypass would be blocked by a legal challenge if one of them was chosen.