Translation of corrigendum in Spanish:


corrigenda, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɔrəˈdʒɛndəm/ /ˌkɒrɪˈdʒɛndəm/

nounplural corrigenda

  • 1

    corrigenda feminine formal
    • Mr. Bird, who is now studying the corrigendum (any error that might have been in the previous or draft report) has sent copies to the Leader of the Opposition and the Director of Public Prosecutions.
    • This corrigendum simply corrected the descriptions of supplementary information that accompanied the article detailing precisely what data were used.
    • A corrigenda shall go correcting the following.
    • He was only saved by the Deputy Speaker who is chairing the committee of supply, when he ruled that the official document was the yellow book and not the corrigenda.
    • This was after opposition MPs sought clarification on why the figures in the yellow book and the corrigenda were different.
    • A corrigendum pasted on the inside back cover of the book says, wherever there is a blank against party affiliations in pages 10-77, it may be read as CPM.
    • Conceding the opposition concern the chief minister brought a corrigendum inserting the words.
    • More recently, Mann battled back in a 2004 corrigendum in the journal Nature, in which he clarified the presentation of his data.
    • The form of that contract was the 6th edition with corrigenda and Guidance Notes and Amendments.
    • After a foreword and after a short list of corrigenda for Volumes 1 and 2, it begins with the Latin texts of entries in the Register which were given in English only in Volume 2.
    • Here are the addenda and corrigenda that I know of so far; please keep sending me any comments you have.
    • Man, you can be annoying with your interpolations, addenda, corrigenda, interregna, whatever.
    • If discrepancies do exist Members need to be made aware of them as this could lead to pressure for additional development to achieve viability: these will be reported in the corrigendum paper.
    • If at all they publish some true news involving big politicians or ministers they are forced by some higher forces to publish corrigendum.