Traducción de corroborate en español:


corroborar, v.

Pronunciación /kəˈrɑbəˌreɪt/ /kəˈrɒbəreɪt/

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    • New, negative field evidence corroborates these findings.
    • The entire village council gave statements, corroborating the complaint.
    • But yesterday agents who looked further into the raw intelligence said they had found no evidence to corroborate the threat.
    • What he could do is extend an apology, as he has no evidence whatsoever to corroborate his deplorable allegation.
    • A study by researchers corroborates the statement of doctors here.
    • As I have explained she has produced no documentary or other evidence to corroborate those bald assertions.
    • Council officials however said there is no evidence to corroborate these accusations.
    • As well as corroborating the findings in the previous two sections, this also provides more evidence to suggest that different precursor proteins are imported into chloroplasts via the same import machinery.
    • The doubted statement is corroborated to a greater or lesser extent by the other statements or circumstances with which it fits in.
    • Observations and data from focus groups corroborated these findings.
    • Our results corroborate such findings, particularly with respect to intervention assignment.
    • Searching around the internet, I wasn't able to find anything to corroborate this statement.
    • In the 1980s, functional neuroimaging data appeared to corroborate this finding.
    • Further study using a greater number of mares is justified to corroborate the findings of this experiment.
    • The only statistical data I have to corroborate my statement is observation.
    • There are heat shield plates around the array that have been badly burned to corroborate our theory.
    • Replication in larger sample sizes are needed to corroborate this negative finding.
    • This had enabled the prosecution to successfully question his recollection of events, despite other witnesses corroborating his testimony of a break-in.
    • In the course of the last three weeks, substantial evidence has been presented to the Senate corroborating these allegations.
    • Yet, as Media Matters pointed out at the time, nothing in the report corroborates such assertions.