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corrosión, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈroʊʒən/ /kəˈrəʊʒ(ə)n/

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    corrosión femenino
    the corrosion of the human spirit la degradación del espíritu humano
    • It's two inches across on all sides, and it's lined on the inside with a chemical that prevents corrosion.
    • This is because the iron electrode is more susceptible to corrosion and to self-discharge on standing.
    • Mortar with high concentrations of chloride ions accelerates corrosion of the embedded steel.
    • The chemicals form 3 basic layers inside aimed at delaying corrosion and oxidation.
    • Metals are often treated by electrolysis, which reverses corrosion by linking them to an anode.
    • In high-humidity areas, regularly wipe the blades with a light coating of oil to prevent rust or corrosion.
    • A relatively recent use for sodium benzoate is as a corrosion inhibitor in engine coolant systems.
    • The effect of low levels of alloying additions on the soil corrosion of carbon steels is modest.
    • Also, avoid adding chloride to mortar or grout; soluble chlorides accelerate corrosion.
    • Tin is less reactive than the metal it covers, protecting the underlying metal from corrosion.
    • The heat pipe technology still forms the basis of its design: the pipes are nickel-plated copper, designed to prevent corrosion.
    • Not all research on corrosion, however, is oriented toward its prevention.
    • The inside lining of all tanks has been sand-blasted to prevent corrosion.
    • Painting is the only way to prevent corrosion, but this is expensive and time consuming.
    • This will ward off corrosion and prevent the cap cracking under normal dive depth pressures.
    • Ruthenium adds hardness and resistance to corrosion to such alloys.
    • Coatings such as zinc and tin provide protection against corrosion.
    • It is the element most commonly added to steel because it increases the strength and resistance to corrosion of steel.
    • Manganese is added to an alloy to increase hardness and improve resistance to corrosion and mechanical shock.
    • In most cases the metals used to coat or form the decorative threads are extremely thin, and corrosion can sometimes erode the filament entirely.
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    herrumbre femenino
    orín masculino