Translation of corruption in Spanish:


corrupción, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈrəpʃ(ə)n/ /kəˈrʌpʃ(ə)n/

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    (of morals, language)
    corrupción feminine
    he was accused of bribery and corruption lo acusaron de soborno y corrupción
    • the corruption of minors la corrupción de menores
    • Barolini's love for language is evident throughout the book as well; much of the prose is concerned with ferreting out word origins, with word play, corruptions, and evolution.
    • However, all phoneticians and linguists agree that the widely held view that many accents are corruptions of a pure pronunciation has no scientific basis whatsoever.
    • I am disinterested in their games, parties, loves and hates - and frequently distressed by their corruptions of the language.
    • But when poorly understood or practiced, the language of ‘hospitality’ also can tempt us to distortions and corruptions that generate sentimentality or cynicism.
    • Thus these ‘corruptions ‘while corruptions of text should only be considered a problem if they are corruptions of truth.’
    • The numerous textual corruptions also contribute to this difficulty’ .
    • They were necessary, he argued, in order to ‘shew the corruptions of the printed copies of either editions.’
    • The names for this plant in Trinidad and Dominica are corruptions of the French name for the Jerusalem artichoke.
    • Johnson would have none of it: he scorned the lexicographer who deluded himself that he could ‘embalm his language, and secure it from corruption and decay’.
    • Righting wrongs and fighting evil, corruption, wickedness and stupidity is just part time work.
    • He sinned, and his nature was thereby corrupted and depraved; and this corruption is conveyed to all his posterity.
    • She does not die as a victim, but having forgiven her executioners, she talks back at them and tries to show them their corruption, perversion and inhumanity.
    • With the possibility of such intense holiness available, nowhere else do we find something containing such potential for corruption and depravity.
    • In other words, no particular acts were necessary in order to establish depravity and corruption.
    • It highlights corruption, evil and destruction in a pretty raw way.
    • His actions are not occasioned by any corruption or depravity in him, but by an error in judgment, which, however, does arise from a defect of character.
    • The novel paints a more detailed picture and asks questions about its oppression, brutality and corruption to which only the revolution could provide answers.
    • He continued to talk animatedly about corruption and perversion for quite some time, before the pastor finally managed to steer the conversation away to firmer ground.
    • It is no longer a secret that every communal atrocity, every instance of corruption and oppression, presupposes political protection and patronage.
    • ‘In a climate of corruption and decay, the truth is an act of rebellion’.
    • The aura of poverty, corruption, and urban decay is overpowering.
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    (of text)
    deformación feminine
    • This can cause data corruption, particularly with databases.
    • Access errors lead to data corruption, which causes a program to behave incorrectly or crash.
    • The tool enables the user to choose which records to display and includes safety mechanisms to prevent accidental data corruption.
    • This is especially important for databases, to prevent making any corruption or data loss worse than it already might be.
    • Beyond hardware failures, disruptions to data access can also come from human errors, data corruption or natural disasters.
    • With each failure, the risk of a serious loss mounts, should a disk crash or a database corruption occur.
    • Whenever an error occurs in such a process, data corruption is usually the result.
    • This greatly speeds the snapshot process since, during this time, there can be no access to data to achieve consistency and prevent data corruption.
    • It will not only protect users against viruses and software corruption, but also secures content delivery and downloads.
    • Upon rebooting I was thrilled to receive no errors of any kind, but to my disappointment during the next boot I was greeted with the same corruption error as before.
    • With an organized history of tape archives, data can be protected from corruption by viruses or operating system problems that can lead to lost data.
    • Fortunately, when the drive fails due to firmware corruption, the data is usually fully recoverable once the drive has been repaired.
    • Is there older technology in the network that would impede bringing information back online in case of data corruption or damage?
    • Using a host-based file system may expose you to viruses, file corruption, and accidental or malicious file deletion.
    • The write-only nature of CDs would also prevent any corruption on one from contaminating the other CDs.
    • Usually, pixel corruption is often a leading indicator of bad memory on the graphics card.
    • Though both improve the backup process, neither protects against data corruption in the short term and still requires tape backup.
    • Many times the effects of data corruption are delayed.
    • If you have virus scanning software, this is the one time I'd recommend turning it off - I've experienced file corruptions and crashes as the virus scanning software checks the files I'm burning.
    • Small hiccups in network transport can cause file corruptions.
  • 3 literary

    corrupción feminine
    the corruption of the flesh la corrupción de la carne